Expert Tips for Buying a Beach House in Florida


Oceanfront property is, generally speaking, some of the most expensive property in real estate. In addition to this, these properties come with a number of dangers to keep in mind. Erosion, flooding, water damage, and extreme weather, all of these are dangers that are much more likely to hit oceanfront property. However, oceanfront property is also very valuable, and for a very good reason. Living on a beach has quite a few benefits, such as beautiful views and easy access to the ocean. So, there are definitely things to keep in mind before buying oceanfront property, and it’s all very important. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of expert tips for buying a beach house in Florida, and we hope it helps you out.

Read property descriptions very carefully

When buying a beach house in Florida, it’s extremely important to fully read the descriptions of properties. This is because properties that are on the water, and properties that are near it, will use different wording. For example, let’s say you’re buying property in Palm Beach, and a property claims it’s a “water view property”, generally speaking, it will have a view of the oceanfront but no access to it. “Water access” properties have access to the oceanfront, and “waterfront” means you can choose to build on the edge of the water. These terms apply everywhere, of course, not just in Palm Beach. Regardless, you’ll want to be careful and read the exact descriptions of properties in order to get exactly what you want. Additionally, there are common moving mistakes a lot of people make when moving into beach houses you should try to avoid.

Research the risks before buying

As we already mentioned, beach property comes with some specific risks. For example, coastal erosion is something every waterfront property owner should know about. Especially in Florida, these risks tend to be a lot more prominent. Miami Beach, to use an example, has been deemed critically eroded, so homeowners here are particularly careful. Additionally, the entirety of Miami Dade County, and Florida in general, is always at risk of hurricanes. And in Miami Beach especially, flooding has been on the minds of homeowners recently. So, before buying a beach house in Florida, make sure you know all of the risks involved. And when moving into a spot like Miami Dade County, remember that experts can do the heavy lifting for you. Local movers know how to deal with the local traffic and conditions, so they’ll be able to deliver your belongings safely and on time, no matter what.

Be ready for extra costs

Compared to regular properties, the oceanfront property comes with a few added expenses. In Florida especially, you’ll have to think about mandatory flood insurance when buying a property. Also, most oceanfront properties come with added HOA expenses, which can add up if you’re not careful. Finally, keep in mind that oceanfront properties need more maintenance and repairs. And, of course, you’ll have to pay for them by yourself. Being near the ocean leads to things in the house deteriorating more quickly. As such, you’ll have to maintain the house more often, so be prepared for that. All in all, living in a scenic spot like Fort Lauderdale may be beautiful, but you’ll have to be ready. And if you’re buying a vacation home, consider hiring a house cleaning company for while you’re away. Cleaning and maintenance can be quite difficult for vacation homes, so consider your options for both.

Do your due diligence when researching

Much like regular properties, you’ll need to do some research into the local housing market beforehand. After all, the last thing is to get overcharged on oceanfront property. For example, prices could be wildly different in Fort Lauderdale compared to Miami Beach. So, make sure to do your research thoroughly before making any decisions. You’ll want an exact picture of what beach houses are being sold for. Or, if you’re considering an oceanfront condo, make sure the fees aren’t overpriced and actually affordable. All in all, proper research is key when trying to buy a beach house, no matter how you look at it. And when moving in, remember to only rely on trusted experts to get you moved in. Experts from Pro Movers Miami note that beach properties are very easy to damage when moving in. As such, local experts with experience are the best choice.

Consider exactly what you want

When it comes to normal properties, knowing exactly what house features you want is the only thing you really need to worry about. This also applies to oceanfront properties, but with a few more things to keep in mind. For example, what sort of beach you want to be on, or how close to town you want to be. Parking and certain safety precautions also need to be taken into account (seawalls, for example). All in all, there is a lot more to think about when it comes to features compared to regular homes. So, take your time and look into exactly what you want out of your home, then start your search. And when it comes to remodeling anything after buying a home, make sure you know how to find a good remodeler. After all, you’ll want to make sure they’re the best.

Expert tips for buying a beach house in Florida – wrap up

Oceanfront property is a lot more complicated to buy compared to regular real estate. This is because there’s a lot more to considerwhen it comes to oceanfront property, and ignoring any of it can lead to serious problems. So, before you seal the deal on your own beach house, make sure you’re prepared for the risks and responsibilities that come with it. Of course, the exact details can vary quite a bit from place to place, so you’ll have to do a lot of the research on your own. We hope that this list of expert tips for buying a beach house in Florida helps you out, and we wish you a good day.

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