5 Reasons to Choose a Professional House Cleaning Company


It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of believing that housecleaning Bend OR services should be dirt free.

When I started in this industry, I did.

It’s manual labor, you say. It’s not much.

As I discovered more about the world of house cleaning services, it was incredible to me how unregulated it can be, especially with independent cleaners who post their jobs on Craigslist and other job posting sites.

To help you better understand the differences, I want to share 5 things you need to consider before you hire a maid or professional cleaner.

Before I get into that, let me briefly discuss the wide range of prices and the reasons why they are the way they are.

Big difference in pricing

You’ll quickly see that there are two price ranges for house cleaning services if you search online.

Independent cleaners are very affordable at $10-$20 per hour

a) Professional cleaning companies, which can charge anywhere from $40 an hour to $80 an hour (and sometimes more).

It’s hard to believe that the cleaner franchises are better at cleaning your home than the cheaper ones. What is so special about hiring a professional house cleaner?

We have highlighted 6 reasons why you should hire a professional house cleaner over an individual to help answer this question.

Five Reasons to choose a professional house cleaning company over an independent cleaner

There are many trustworthy cleaners readily available

When hiring a housecleaner, the most important thing is to hire someone you can trust.

This is not something that you should just brush aside.

You need to be able to trust these cleaners as they will be in your home and near your valuables.

They must also have a criminal background check.

This process can take many hours to find the perfect fit.

We must review more than 250 applicants to our Bend, Oregon operation whenever we post a job opportunity. We may have 2 to 3 regular maids out of those 250 applicants.

All background checks and interviews for professional maid services are done for you. Bend Cleaning Co., for example, checks every potential cleaner and runs a series test to make sure they are reliable and respectful.

It takes more organization and planning to clean up fast and efficiently than you might think.

Backups are available when you most need them

Imagine the following scenario: Your in-laws call to inform you that they are coming over for surprise visits on the weekend. Your cleaner was supposed to arrive at your home at 8:30am on Friday. It’s now 9:45am, and they have not yet arrived. You try calling their phone to find out what’s happening, but they only leave a voicemail. You keep calling them repeatedly throughout the day, but no one answers.

What do you do now?

A maid service has the advantage of having a list of maids who can fill in for a sick maid. You won’t notice it unless you are home and see that it is a different maid.

A house cleaning service is a great option if you value reliability and being able to have cleanings done when it’s needed.

Professional housecleaning companies like Bend Cleaning Company have a support system for any issues. It is available for:

  • Is your cleaner absent or sick and hasn’t shown up? Customer support will help you find a replacement or an on-call maid who can clean your house.
  • If the cleaner arrived but forgot to clean some things, why not call support? If they offer a service guarantee, they will send someone back to clean the areas they missed.
  • You need to cancel your appointment. Any cleaning company that has the proper notice will be happy to reschedule your appointment.
  • You have some suggestions or comments for the cleaner, but you don’t want it to become a problem. Customer support will relay your concerns to them in a way that isn’t confusing.

This kind of support is essential when you have a million other things on your mind.

**Note: Bend Cleaning Co makes house cleaning easy. We have built our business on providing great cleaning services and amazing customer support.

Cleaning Service Guarantee

A Cleaning Service Guarantee is not something that many independent cleaners or professional maid service providers offer. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning service you received or if your cleaners miss something, please let us know within 24 hours of your appointment. We will send another cleaner to do the job – free of charge – to fix it.

Bend Cleaning Co offers a 24-hour service guarantee. We are also more than happy to repair any areas we have missed or neglected to clean correctly at no additional cost.

Peace of mind

Bottom line: If price is your only concern, you could make a costly mistake in the future. A professional maid service offers convenience, peace of mind, and strong customer support in the event of a problem.

Anybody in the housecleaning industry that claims they have never had a problem arise last-minute has either minimal experience or flat out lies to you. There are always unexpected events. People get lost, cars break down, cleaners get sick, or their children get sick – all these things happen on a daily basis.

You can do it yourself if you are prepared. But if you need someone to handle that while you’re at work or running errands or doing other things in your life, a cleaning service is likely to be better.

Last Thought

You should choose a Bend cleaning service carefully. You will be able to see them in your home, and they will also have close access to your most valuable possessions. This means that you will need someone who is efficient and trustworthy. This type of cleaner could be found by going independent, but it takes time.

Bend Cleaning is a company that can ensure your satisfaction. They have already gone through a background check on the cleaner and thoroughly evaluated their cleaning abilities. There is a system that can quickly solve any problem if there are any.

It’s basically peace of mind. For many, it’s well worth the extra expense.

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