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A modern step ladder is not about the standard ladders familiar to all of us, attached to the wall, it is much more convenient, functional and comfortable. After all, step ladders fold compactly and take up a minimum of space in the apartment, while others, as if by a wave of a magic wand, change their shape and appearance.

HBTower 4 step ladder with handrails

In this article, we will tell you about HBTower 4 step ladder with handrails. This ladder is really an indispensable tool for builders, plasterers, painters. And not only. This ladder model is used to harvest crops in the garden, cut down branches on trees. Using a portable small ladder, it is convenient to get goods from the shelf in the store and warehouse, as well as a book in the library. Such a small and practical structure should be at hand in literally every house and apartment. Then small household chores (hanging curtains, wiping a chandelier, washing windows, etc.) will become easily solvable tasks. But what are the key features of this particular step ladder?


This 4-step model with handrails is a great option for people aged (60+ relatively speaking). After all, a strong steel frame guarantees 100% strength and safety. It is often quite difficult for older people to climb stairs, so the manufacturers have taken this moment into account – the handrails make the climbing process as simple and stable as possible. And with the help of a high-quality metal-safe buckle, you can clearly fix the place without any problems so that the stepladder does not inadvertently “fold” twice. In addition, secure ladder climbing is also ensured by a special rear cross brace.


Of course, it is worth saying a few words about the size and scope of this ladder:

  • Opened: 21″ x 33″ x 64.2″ 

  • Folded: 68.5″ x 21″ x 8.7″ 

  • Net weight: 19.1 lbs, capacity: 330 lbs. 

  • Upper standing platform: 14.2″ wide x 10.5″ deep 

  • The remaining three petals measure 14.2 inches wide by 8.3 inches deep. 

It is important to add that you do not need to use any other additional tools and accessories to bring the stepladder into working order (by the way, this is clearly written in the instruction manual for the ladder). You can easily assemble it in literally 20 minutes (or maybe even less, it all depends on your skills, dear buyer!). 

What is this step ladder made from? 

The material from which the HBTower 4 step ladder with handrails is made is presented by really high-quality steel. While the pedals are created with a special anti-slip texture. The sponge coating on the handrails improves friction and at the same time adds softness. Rubber feet always stand firmly on the surface and minimize the possibility of any scratches on tiles, tiles or laminate. By the way, the stepladder also comes with a cool special bag that is designed for all kinds of tools (for example, you can put such important things as a screwdriver, hammer, tape measure and much more there).

General information about buying step ladders 

Are you planning to buy a step ladder? Then consider the following features: 

  • How many steps are present on the device. The more of them, the higher, respectively, the staircase itself, and hence the wider its capabilities. 

  • Profile thickness – is in close relationship with the height. The higher the device, the thicker the aluminum profile should be. The safety of the person who will be at the top depends on this. 

  • The width of the steps – affects the safety of the operation of the product.

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