Using Mesh to Create a Stylish and Practical Industrial Interior


Predominantly, wire caging was associated with country homes, however, mesh interior inputs can work in a range of other spaces, for example, gothic, industrial and eclectic interiors.

One way in which mesh can be used to create a stylish industrial interior is by using a mesh table within either a living room as a side table or coffee table or in a bedroom as a bedside table. Buster & Punch’s meshed side table is finished in a matt black coat with solid metal coin screws in either brass or steel to create the perfect industrial look. A meshed table helps to softly diffuse walls and floors and it will help your room to feel larger. Within a small space, dark meshed interiors against a lighter backdrop create an illusion of a wider space and it makes mesh interiors pop, especially within smaller city apartments, making this partnership the perfect solution to creating that industrial look.

In the kitchen, the use of mesh interiors keeps the space feeling light and open as they provide a sense of open shelving. A mesh storage cabinet is an easy way to create an industrial look in any room, but within a kitchen, it is practical as it provides stylish storage spaces for your kitchen accessories. Bathrooms are also an ideal space to add a mesh storage unit and it will be an ideal solution to store any bathroom products which need storage space.

As well as practicality, mesh is a stylish solution for displaying items throughout your home, for example, wine, books, plants, pictures, glasses and decorative items. Floating mesh shelving is again, a practical yet stylish solution to add an industrial interior to your home. In the hallway, mesh storage units are a great way to store your daily shoewear or keys if you are someone which always looses them!

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