Signs That You Need To Contact a Furnace Repair Company to Your Home


When the winter season kicks in, you rely on your furnace to keep your home warm and make you comfortable. Your furnace can get damaged without your knowledge since the unit stays off the better part of the year. When you notice a minor issue with your furnace, it is good to schedule repairs immediately. Here are some pointers that you need a furnace repair technician.

Difficulty turning the unit on

This is a major problem with old furnaces. This kind of functionality could result from damaged thermostats of the unit or disconnected wiring. You may have to replace the affected part of the unit. If you have to try a couple of times to start or restart your furnace, that is a sign you need to schedule a furnace repair Toronto.

Inadequate heat

One of the obvious signs that you need a furnace repair is when your furnace doesn’t produce enough heat to heat your house adequately. If your furnace doesn’t seem to heat your home or produces low heat regardless of the thermostat settings, you need to call a furnace repair specialist to inspect it. One of the problems of inadequate heat is leaking ductwork that allows heated air to escape or a faulty thermostat that does not communicate with the central unit.

Unusual furnace smells

It is usual for the furnace to smell like the fuel it uses, especially when you start it for the first time in a long time. But the furnace odor dissipates as the unit continues to run. If you notice an odor of fuel emanating from the unit or a strong smell that doesn’t disappear, your furnace has a problem. The smell could result from excessive dust inside the unit or a gas leak. It is good to call an HVAC professional such as Air Makers to assess the odor and determine its cause.

Poor air quality

You may already know that your furnace directly impacts the quality of air in your house. Failure to maintain your furnace leaves dirty air full of particles and bacteria circulating in your home. One of the apparent signs is dusty air in your home that can cause sneezes, coughs, allergies, and other respiratory problems to sensitive members of your family. At times the remedy is as simple as replacing the air filter of your furnace. A more severe problem may necessitate professional cleaning of the ductwork.

Persistent noises

Although a furnace is not silent, persistent noises may indicate a problem with your furnace. It is good to understand the nuances of your furnace so that you can notice any unusual occurrences. Pay attention to the sound of your furnace, and if you suspect a problem call a professional to inspect it. For instance, a whistling noise could signify fan issues, while banging may indicate loose internal parts.

a key takeaway

Higher heating costs, gas leaks, uneven heating, and dirty air are signs of a needed furnace repair. Always schedule regular assessments for your furnace to catch any problems before they occur and keep the unit working efficiently.

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