Signs That Your Home Needs Window Updates


While they are easy to forget during home renovations, windows are among the areas that you can’t afford to ignore. They provide our homes with ventilation, light, and warmth. No house is complete without windows, and they should therefore be in the best shape at all times.

Most of the time, our windows look okay from far. It is not until you get closer and notice the chipping paint, worn-out seals, and the scratched glass that you realize you should do something. If you are not sure whether to update your windows, here are signs that you need to do something about them.

1. Your residential bills are on the rise

If you have noted a substantial change in your residential energy bills, it is a sign that your windows are not working as they should. About 30% of heating and cooling energy in homes is lost through windows.

If the windows have broken seals and draft gets through easily, your heating system is forced to work more to heat the house and maintain comfortable temperatures. On the other hand, if your windows are allowing too much heat into your home during the summer months, then it means your home cooling system has to overwork to cool the house.

This results in high energy bills. Sealing or weatherstripping the windows or installing residential home window tinting can help cut energy costs. Both options go a long way in ensuring temperatures are balanced in the house, eliminating the need to keep the HVAC system on.

2. Windows are over ten years old

The chances are high that your windows cannot meet the current energy standards if they were installed over ten years ago. This means you incur high energy bills, and they are almost falling apart. While you don’t have to replace them just because they are ten years old, an inspection is necessary.

Inspect the condition of the seals and the frames. For example, check if the windows are sweating or having difficulty opening. These are signs that something needs to be done, whether it is replacing the pane or frame or even sealing the windows.

3. Increased outside noise

Is the noise from outside of your neighbor’s kids playing interfering with your ability to concentrate on your work? Well, this is a sign your windows are not doing their soundproofing job well.

At this point, you might want to update your windows by installing double or triple-glazed panes. The trapped air between the panes can reduce noise by up to 60%, allowing you to enjoy your peace.

Alternatively, you can seal all gaps around your windows and replace broken glass panes to reduce the level of exterior noise that gets into your house.


Just like other areas of your house, windows need to be updated when they start being inefficient. Look for signs like cold air, high energy bills, broken seals, cracks, and rotting frames. Fixing your windows will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house and improve your home’s energy conservation.

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