Tips for Installing a Gas Fireplace


A gas fireplace is something you need to add a touch to your home. Gas fireplaces are convenient, reliable and you don’t have to worry about the ash or the smoke smell. A Valor fireplace allows you to instantly heat your house by simply pressing a switch. With a direct-vent fireplace, you also don’t need a chimney. You can easily install it or remove it when remodeling your house. However, you need to make sure the fireplace is properly installed if you want to enjoy its benefits. Here are essential gas fireplace installation tips you should know.

Choosing Location

One thing you need to know is that buying a Valor fireplace Toronto is the best thing you can do. So, after getting your gas fireplace from, the next important thing you should do is choose the most suitable location. You will need to consider several factors at this point. Decide if you want it to complement the design of the rest of the room. Also, consider other things like the gas line and the electrical outlet. You will need some architectural skills when deciding where to install the fireplace.

Configuring the Source of the Gas

This is a vital point you must consider carefully. Many homeowners have the habit of missing the detail here. When choosing the location of the fireplace, you must consider the location of the gas line. So, know the provider and where the gas will be coming from.

Venting the Fireplace

Some dealers will install the fireplace for you. However, if yours does not provide this benefit, make sure the fireplace comes with a manual that directs how to vent it. Remember, if you want the gas fireplace to work well while you don’t jeopardize safety, make sure it is properly vented. Make sure the technician you are working with is licensed for safety and quality work. So, make sure the fireplace is in the desired position and start venting based on the instructions in the manual.

Drilling the Ventilation Hole

Now that you have started venting the hole, make sure the whole will act as the venting system. Make sure you know the right size of the whole. This will help to separate the heat from combustible materials in the wall. Before cutting through, confirm that there are no electric wiring and pipes to avoid further damages. Always make sure you have the right tools when starting on this. Remember, you need a specific level of skills to do this. Therefore, if you don’t know how to go about it, leave the job to the experts.

Hooking Up the Fireplace

Hooking up the fireplace is easy, but you still need a professional to do so. If you think you want to change the gas line, make sure you get a professional for the same job. You will also need an electrician if the fireplace needs electricity to run. The expert should be well-familiarized with the fireplace to make installation easy.

The Bottom Line

Installing a fireplace might seem like a simple task until you attempt it. Even though it is complex, you can still DIY with the steps above. However, if you are afraid you cannot do it properly, get an expert fireplace installer.

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