How to Style an Accent Chair


You may have read about accent chairs in interior design magazines or have seen them on TV, but what exactly is the purpose of this furniture? While an accent chair is certainly functional, it’s still part of your interior design concept for a different purpose. An accent chair adds interest with pattern or texture in that specific area of the room while also functioning as a place to sit.

It is a perfect accessory to create a personal touch to a room. An accent chair is a versatile item that can amazingly add contrast to a boring room or warm up a space in your home.

If your goal is luxury interior design in your living room, bedroom, or reading nook but you have not figured out how to style it yet, here are the do’s and don’ts of accent chair styling.

Accent Chair Styling Tips


Your accent chair should stand out from the rest of the furniture in that room but will also nicely complement the colors in that room.

Do check the entirety of the room to know its overall tone. Is the room full of warm colors, blue hues, or classic tones? From there you will be able to determine the best color to introduce into that area.


Aside from the color choice, your accent chair should have a style that works well with existing furniture and fixture in that room. Will it match the walls? Is the leg style or upholstery fabric going to be in tune with the theme of the room in general?

Don’t change your personal style just because of an accent chair. Remember that it is just an addition to your existing design and should not be the lead of your design.

Stick to your own style; the design outcome should give you joy, comfort, and satisfaction. But if you are struggling with your choice, you can always ask for help from a professional.


Don’t go overboard when choosing patterns as these can be too much for the room to handle. It is important that your accent chair complement the space, not overpower it.

Instead, if there are other patterns in the space, choose a solid color to make your accent chair stand out. On the other hand, patterned fabric or texture in an accent chair can work really well as a statement piece. It’s all about balance.


Regardless of how beautifully your accent chair is designed, a poorly positioned accent chair could throw off the whole design in the room.

Do play with positions by moving the accent chair around to test how it looks on that space.

Arranging your accent chair and your furniture can make a big difference. Having an accent chair that is in an awkward position can make the room feel messy or cramped.

Interior designing can be fun but also takes a considerable amount of time and effort to figure out a color palette you like for the space, find accent chairs to boost your space, source the best materials, and so on. That’s why it is important to ask for professional help with experience and knowledge about luxury interior design.

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