Guide To Choosing The Right Outdoor Curtains Fabric


Nothing is more crucial when deciding on outdoor curtains than the fabric. You risk acquiring low-quality items if you make a mistake when selecting the fabric for your patio drapes. As a result, you should always be careful while choosing the right fabric for your outdoor curtains.

Patio curtain textiles must meet a number of crucial criteria to be useful. Different fabrics have various characteristics. Therefore, while selecting the materials for your patio curtains, you must be sure to take your preferences and needs into account.

The fabric should be able to survive the harsh exterior elements as well as weather conditions, including sunlight, UV rays, and rain. Even in the hardest wet seasons, the outdoors curtains should dry rapidly. If you take a few crucial factors into mind, selecting the ideal fabric for your patio curtains will be a simple effort. Here are some essential factors to think about while selecting fabrics for your patio curtains.

1. Water Resistance

When picking fabrics for your patio curtains, water resistance is probably one of the most crucial factors you should take into account. You must make sure that your patio curtains are waterproof because they will be exposed to the elements most of the time. Even if the curtains get wet, they must be dried swiftly and without incident.

The patio curtain poles cannot support the weight of the wet materials. Not to mention that you find it difficult to transfer them due to their increased weight. Your patio drapes will drop water all over you and your visitors. Consider synthetic fabrics with water resistance qualities when selecting patio curtains with water resistance. This way, the patio curtains will successfully shield you and your possessions from the rain.

2. UV protection

The fabrics you pick for your patio drapes should be strong enough to withstand and block the sun’s damaging UV radiation. In addition to helping you preserve the style and color of the curtains, UV-resistant fabrics will shield you from UVA and UVB radiation.

According to Skin Cancer, UV rays are the main reason for serious skin cancer. However, you won’t be able to feel the heat at all if you’re enjoying your outdoor scenery with a functional curtain blocking the sun from your view. Additionally, the patio drapes will lessen heat from sunlight.

However, you must check to make sure the cloth can prevent UV rays from reaching your skin. The fabrics can also be penetrated by UV radiation. So, choose materials that offer 100% UV protection.

3. Easy to take care of

Even if you buy sturdy, high-quality materials, they will still gather a lot of dirt, dust, and debris, especially if your neighborhood has a lot of trees. Consequently, you must wash your patio curtains sometimes to preserve their appearance, functionality, and longevity.

Pick materials with simple cleaning and maintenance procedures. Additionally, confirm that the fabric can be washed in a machine. Only dry-cleanable curtains will cause more issues when cleaning.

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