Kanat Sultanbekov New York- How Can Team Building Enhance the Quality of Commercial Construction Projects?


Commercial construction projects are highly dynamic and complex, so project managers must ensure that the team is informed and unambiguous on the tasks they need to do for the day. There are people with different skills and backgrounds on such sites, so they must work together to make the project successful and get completed in time. The project manager should focus on practical teambuilding skills to ensure everyone is on the same page and the project’s tasks are executed safely and on time.

Kanat Sultanbekov New York on the importance of team spirit for construction projects 

Kanat Sultanbekov is a renowned name in the commercial construction industry in New York and is known for his skills in project management as well as team leadership skills. According to him, every commercial construction project is highly complex and entails many roles and responsibilities of the workers involved. They must collaborate to ensure the tasks for the day are completed quickly and correctly so that the project does not fall behind on its budget or deadline.

The project manager needs to focus on leadership and teambuilding skills on the site

According to Kanat Sultanbekov New York, the commercial construction industry is fast paced and changes dynamically. Team members can find it hard to stay focused on the tasks at hand, and the project goes off track in the absence of communication as well as collaboration. This is where the project manager needs to step in as a leader and ensure all the team members are clearly informed about their role in the project and how they can carry out their daily tasks without hassles.

Cooperation on the site should be good – unity in diversity for success

When it comes to the successful completion of a project, cooperation and coordination are the keys. Every project stage must be understood well so that the workers can do them correctly and safely. Before the commencement of these tasks, the project manager should inspect the site and delegate the responsibilities to eligible and skilled team members to get the jobs done. The project manager can’t monitor or supervise everything himself, so this is why efficient, professional, and experienced members of the team should be chosen to conduct these tasks under his supervision and guidance on the site.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov New York, the stakes in commercial construction projects are always high, so mistakes should be avoided to the best of everyone’s ability. However, errors cannot be avoided entirely, so the project manager should take the onus to monitor every project phase and plan to manage risks.

Team building must be a part of the planning phase, and it should last till the completion of the whole project. It is the project manager’s duty to regularly hold meetings with the workers on the site and clearly assign them the tasks for the day so that the project can be completed on time and on a budget without hassles! What are you waiting for? Have a detailed discussion with the team today!

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