Parking Lot Problems and How to Avoid Them


Providing parking space for your staff and customers comes with its own set of problems that need to be managed. Nevertheless, this might be one area of your business that does not always get the attention it deserves. But failure to manage the parking lot effectively could have a detrimental impact on your business. It is therefore particularly important that you are aware of the problems that often come with a parking lot and how you can avoid these from occurring in the first place.

Safety of Pedestrians

Pedestrians often walk between parked carsto get to and from the business and their cars. This can present an obvious safety risk if there are no designated walkways. It is important therefore that your parking lot is well signposted and has marked walkways. You can also improve safety by making sure that disabled and parent and child spaces are as close to the entrance to your business as possible. If the parking lot will be used in the hours of darkness, make sure there is adequate lighting in place as well.


With many cars using a parking lot, it is not uncommon for collisions to occur. The chances of collisions are higher when parking lots are poorly designed and have little signage. If your car park is large, it may be better to have a one-way system, with separate entry and exit points. You should preferably have a separate designated area for the loading and unloading of delivery vehicles.

Poor Drainage

According to the experts at Parking Lot Pros, insufficient drainage can also be a big problem in parking lots. If water pools after a heavy downpour, it can become a safety hazard. It can also cause damage to the surface of the parking lotwhich would then require repair work to be carried out. Be in no doubt, asphalt parking lot repairs are expensive.However, they are often preventable. Installing drainage grates or asphalt curbing can solve this issue.


With hundreds of cars in a large parking lot, it is not surprising that theft can be a problem, especially when the parking lot is not actively monitored and when there are certain areas of the lot that provide cover for criminals. One way to prevent theft is to ensure that the parking lot is well lit, and that CCTV is in operation. While most parking lots advise those who use them that they are parking ‘at their own risk’, it would not look good for your business if one of your customers or clients was the victim of theft while using your parking lot.

Environmental Issues

There are some problems in parking lots that are out of your control, such as snow and ice or leaves falling. Even though you cannot prevent snow or leaves from falling, it is your responsibility to deal with these issues as they arise. For example, when you know the temperatures are due to drop below freezing overnight, you should grit the surface of the parking lot to make it safer for those using it the following morning. De-icer can also be used where necessary. In the case of falling leaves, you should make sure to stay on top of this and get them swept up every day. Allowing them to gather can be a risk because they can become slippery when wet. They can also clog your drainage system and cause flooding.

To conclude, managing a parking lot comes with its own set of challenges but there are steps you can take to make your lot safer for those who use it.

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