Chesterfield bedhead headers


Genuine leather in all its parts, made of bovine leather, tanned, and finished in Mexico.

Hypoallergenic, thermal, unmatched leather aroma.

The design and presence of leather furniture have no equal.

Enjoy the padded comfort of this model, ideal to relax and enjoy a rest like no other.

You are looking for very Durable leather furniture; CONFORTOPIEL has the best option for you in leather rooms. It has an elegant design and a suitable size for your space. The room that never goes out of style.

A room made of genuine leather (bovine leather, tanned and finished in Mexico) in seats, backrest, and arms, and all its parts 100% leather.

BENEFITS OF THE SKIN Durable: With the necessary care it can last many years, it is much more resistant than synthetic products. (We send a maintenance manual with each product) Thermal: The skin by nature is fresh in hot climates and warm in cold climates. Aroma: Fresh and unique that transmits elegance. Hypo-allergenic: since it does not cause any type of allergy

One of the elements that we can play with to create a beautiful and comfortable space is the headboards for beds. We often talk about the importance of sleep equipment for a good night’s sleep. It is clear that it is one of the key aspects to get a good rest. But in addition, there are a number of aspects that we can and must take care of so that our time in the bedroom is as comfortable as possible. An orderly, relaxed, and easy-to-look environment helps our mind to calm down and enter “night mode” more easily.

Headboards for beds are not only a decorative element, they also have other functions. Today in the market we find headers of all kinds and that incorporate different functions. Classic, modern designs and even handmade Chesterfield headboards ... The possibilities are endless and allow us to let our imaginations soar.

The advantages of using headboards for bed

As we said, the headboards for the bed, in addition to being very decorative, provide comfort to our rest team. There are several advantages that bed headboards offer us and that deserve to be taken into account.

So many options

There is a headboard for every taste, literally. We are going to find headboards of all kinds: classic, more modern, minimalist, shabby chic, romantic … And the same goes for the materials: there are upholstered, wooden, suspended headboards…

Whatever the shape and style of your bedroom, you can find a headboard that suits your space and style.

Make your bedroom “yours”

Sometimes the space in the bedrooms is limited and only allows us to put the bed and a closet. That leaves us little room to play with furniture and other decorative elements. Headboards take up very little space and give the bedroom that personal touch. You can play with the color, the material, or the size so that you can give that personal touch to your bedroom.

It is also a very good option to consider if we live for rent. Adding a headboard to the bedroom personalizes it without making any modifications.

Safety according to FangShun

FangShun is aimed at channeling and improving the energies of our home. According to this philosophy, the use of bed headboards gives us security and protection. By feeling more protected, we will rest better, either consciously or unconsciously.

In addition, according to FengShui, a solid and stable headboard provides solidity and stability in the couple’s relationship.

Added convenience

The headboards, especially those that are upholstered, also offer us added comfort. When reading in bed or watching television, the headboard offers us additional support without having to touch the wall.

The use of headboards also isolates us from the wall, which is hard and sometimes very cold.

Additional functionalities

Today the world of furniture has advanced enormously. What was once conventional furniture, today incorporates added functions that make it even more practical and attractive. Thus, we find headboards that incorporate night lights, USB chargers, speakers, reclining headboards … Don’t stop exploring all the possibilities, they will surprise you.

Headboards for bed in Express Mattress

At Ottoman Beds we not only offer the best sleep equipment on the market. We also have a whole range of accessories so that your bedroom is the temple of rest you need. In our stores and on our website you can find upholstered headboards of very different types: leather, tufted, configurable, with integrated LED lamps … And always with the quality that characterizes our products. Do not stop consulting us, the possibilities are many.

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