A Complete Guide to Using ROMAN Wallpaper Glue for Your Home Projects


In-home design projects, wallpaper paste is essential when adhering to surface wall coverings. Wallpaper paste makes installing murals and decals on your accent wall easier than ordinary office adhesive. We’ve analyzed the top options so you can make an informed decision without wasting time looking for the finest wallpaper paste.

A typical wall paste can be applied to the back of any light to heavy wall covering. Stronger replacements are commercial-grade pastes designed for use with pasting machines. Additional options include pastes for mounting various types of wallpaper and tubed pastes for repairing minor imperfections. Check out our best wallpaper paste picks to find the perfect item for your impending wall makeover.

Heavy Duty ROMAN wallpaper glue

ROMAN wallpaper glue is compatible with both heavy-duty wallcovering and wallpaper machines. Each container comes with a gallon of extra-strong, clear glue. This product is recommended for professional contractors that demand a very dependable adhesive.

What Do Wallpaper Primers Do?

The last thing you want is for your wallpaper to start peeling away from the wall before it’s finished. If you know the common problems that can occur during an installation, you can take immediate steps to avoid them. Inadequate adhesive and improper application are the two most common causes of failed wallpaper installations.

Since installation procedures are the subject of another discussion, let’s talk about adhesive issues. Water is used in wallpaper adhesives. Because unprimed walls absorb the water from the glue before it can attach to the wallpaper fully, your installation will fail.

Consider painting a wall without priming for the first time to demonstrate this idea. The first coat barely touches the surface. This is because the wall absorbs most of the paint, leaving only a thin layer. By applying a second layer, you can achieve the desired coverage and conceal the underlying plasterboard. This is due to the surface’s diminished capacity to absorb moisture. It allows the paint to stick to the first coat rather than the wall.

What Sort Of Wallpaper Primer Should I Use On Which Walls?

Although general-purpose primers can be used in most situations, some wall conditions require primers that have been specifically engineered to handle these conditions.

ROMAN wallpaper glue, the nation’s biggest producer of wallpaper primers, can be found in most big-box stores across the country. Here are a few examples:

The all-purpose primer Pro-999/Rx-35 prime popcorn ceilings, cover remaining paste from previous installations, seal taped plasterboard joints and apply contractor-grade latex paint. Pro-999 works better than plasterboard repairs in particular. It’s water-based, scented, and dries to a clear matte finish.

Because of its outstanding concealing capabilities, the most common application for Pro-977 Ultra Prime is priming bare plasterboard. Ultra Prime can be stripped down and coloured for additional concealment when it’s time to remove it.

For wall coverings consisting of clay and other areas where high air quality is vital, Eco-988 is indicated. It is also recommended for priming bare plasterboard.

How to Apply Wallpaper Adhesives Over Primer

Some adhesives perform well with certain primers, and primers are best suited to specific wall conditions. Once again, ROMAN wallpaper glue is the supplier of the most well-acclaimed wallpaper adhesives in the industry. Here are a few ideas:

Pro-880 Ultra Clear is a high-quality strippable wallpaper adhesive. It can be applied with a brush, roller, or pasting machine and is suitable for light and heavy wallcoverings. It has a long working life and high adherence.

It is recommended to use primer Eco-988 in conjunction with Eco-888. It is highly transparent, has superb tack, and has a long working duration. It can be used with various weights of wallpaper.

With the wallpaper you have picked, you will put in much time and effort to make your home appear gorgeous. To acquire a stunning appearance, taking your time and accomplishing all necessary duties only makes sense. Use the right adhesive, prime each wall, and expect professional-looking results.

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