Guidelines For Complete Roach Removal Inside Your Home


Pests in your home can seriously hinder your ability to unwind, as your house is meant to be a stress-free environment. Because they can spread diseases to your home and are very difficult to eradicate, cockroaches can be particularly concerning. Partner with pest control professionals rather than shatter your domestic bubble.

Common Cockroach Species Found in Idaho

The adage “Know your enemy” is well known to everyone. Knowing what pests are common in your area is helpful, just like in battle or during a speech argument, if you ever want to defeat them. In order to help, we have compiled a list of the most prevalent cockroach species in Idaho.

  • No, German cockroaches do not yodel on mountaintops or wear lederhosen. Instead, the region of Europe where they first appeared is where these cockroaches earned their name. Despite the name, they are widespread everywhere, including in the US. 
  • Cockroaches with brown bands around their bodies are known as brown-banded cockroaches, as the name would imply. Since they are typically a little smaller than other species, they may conceal themselves even better than the typical roach.
  • American cockroaches: Look for the unique figure-8 from behind their heads to distinguish them from their “German” relatives.

Reasons A Cockroach Infestation Is Dangerous

Salmonella and the plague are two diseases that roaches are known to spread. Additionally, they can harm your property by leaving oily stains from their greasy bodies behind or gnawing through insulation or wallpaper. Additionally, they can urine and feces on your furnishings, walls, and floors. 

And to make matters worse, killing cockroaches is exceedingly tricky. They can endure up to 20 minutes underwater, flatten their bodies to withstand being squashed, and deposit dozens of eggs to increase their population.

Simple But Powerful Tips to Prevent Cockroaches

Start implementing these tried-and-true preventative measures today to stop cockroaches from entering your house in the first place rather than reacting to an infestation:

  • Food: Cockroaches have sensitive antennae that may detect traces of food anywhere in your home. Therefore, regular deep cleaning and appropriate food storage are essential preventative measures.
  • Roaches are drawn to regions with a lot of wetness, like many other pests. Essential control strategies include keeping your plumbing in good shape, keeping your home aired, and swiftly cleaning up spills.
  • Cracks: Since cockroaches can flatten their bodies, there is no crack they can not fit. Look for any access points on the outside of your house, and fix them right away.

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