The Ultimate Guide to Packing Up Your Home before Moving


Packing is one of the essentail aspects of a successful move. It allows you to have an organized move and to protect your items. However, you are bound to make misatkes if you lack adequate supplies or help. Are you planning a move and don’t know how to pack your valuables?

Here’s the ultimate guide to packing up your home:

1. Seek assistance

Packing is a specialized task, and you likely don’t have the skills. Doing it yourself might be a mistake, ruining the whole process. Fortunately, you can find expert movers like BRS Moving, who offer various moving services. The professionals will save you time and effort and safely pack your items.

2. Gather packing supplies

You’ll need various packing supplies like boxes, bubble wrap and more. They help to get your things organized and safe during the move. So get high-quality boxes and have extras. If you have delicate items, acquire the right boxes to protect them.

3. Sort out your items

Sorting out your things is an essential step for packing up before moving. The aim is to ensure you carry the things you’ll need in your new place. You can identify the items you’ll not require or damaged appliances. You can donate, resell or throw the items away. Doing this will help you save time packing and spend less transporting your things.

4. Packing fragile items

You’ll need to safely pack your delicate items before moving. Avoid overfilling boxes with fragile items and use packing paper, newspaper or bubble wrap to fill empty places. If you have flat items, stack them vertically to help them absorb shock. And be sure to label the boxes as “fragile” after packing.

5. Packing pictures and wall decorations

If you have picture frames, mirrors, or wall hangings, you must wrap and protect them adequately. You can use packing paper or bubble wrap to cover the pictures. Or you can get specialty boxes for the frames and be sure to load them on their side rather than laying them flat.

6. Pack an essential box

Packing a necessary box before moving is beneficial. You’ll have access to crucial belongings, making your move comfortable. Therefore, have a survival kit and ensure it’s easily accessible. Such things include toiletries, spare clothes, prescriptions etc.

7. Pay attention to weight

It’s a mistake to overfill your boxes when packing. Doing this will compromise the safety of the box and will ruin your items. Also, the packages will be too heavy to load and offload in the trucks. Pay attention to the weight of the containers as you pack. But don’t leave empty spaces as it could lead to undesirable contact.

8. Labeling your boxes

Labeling your boxes after packing your things is essential. Don’t be tempted to trust your memory, as it’s possible to forget and mix up the items. As you label, indicate the content of each item and the destination room. And if you have fragile items, show them to help the mover handle your boxes safely and efficiently unpack them.


Packing your home for a move doesn’t have to be disastrous. The above guide will aid you in performing the task effortlessly and effectively. It will help you save time, money, and your items will be safe, allowing you to move successfully.

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