Rules for Creating a Great Bedding Combo


The bedroom is an essential part of the house. Your bedroom is the area you sleep and rest to feel energized and stress-free. The room provides privacy from other household members and offers quality time to bond with your lover. You can personalize your space to your liking and desires through the colors and patterns that can bring out the best of these quality private moments. The bed is part of the bedroom, and how it looks will impact the overall look of your room. Whether you have neutral bed sheets or brightly colored ones, creating the right bedding outlook can be challenging if you do not blend the colors and designs well. Follow the following tips to bring out the best look for your beddings and overall your room.

Color Pallet

The color of your bedding speaks a lot about your personality. Also, the color you choose for your bedding can bring out specific unique effects into the room. Neutral colors often suggest a calm disposition, and beddings with neutral colors are often inviting to lay on. Bright colors often portray a person to be fun or freaky. Bold colors are primarily used to evoke moods like black for sadness, white for happiness, and red for romance. You can additionally choose to select colors that blend with the colors of the room wall. Mixing bold colors with neutral colors goes a long way in providing that unique look to your beddings.

Options of Material

The texture of your beddings impacts the look of your beddings despite the color. For example, red linen beddings look different compared to red cotton beddings. Other materials have different looks. As such, blending different textures on your beddings could bring out the visual interest you are looking for. A wise consideration would be checking on the surface of the walls and furniture with the beddings. Smooth beddings blend well in a room with soft walls and likewise for rough beddings and walls too. No matter your choice, take your time to pay attention to the kind of materials that will give your bed a unique look.

Making the Bed

Attractive beddings are not all about having the right colors and texture. The design in which your bed is made can bring out uniqueness and attractiveness to the eyes. A simple, neatly bedding is attractive to look at despite the color and texture of the beddings. The proper procedure to neatly fold your bed is folding the flat sheet and the blanket in the top third section of the bed. An intelligent step while folding is pulling the blanket higher than the sheet to make both of them visible when you fold them. For duvet users, you can take the option of folding it into either the half or two-thirds portion of your bed. An s-fold is convenient when you are looking to pull the duvet from the upper edge. For drapes, it is recommended that you drop them vertically at the bottom section of the bed without folding.

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