First-Time Home Buyer Tips: Read this When Buying a Starter Home


If you believed everything you saw on TV shows and advertisement about real estate, you’d probably freaked out that a first-time homebuyer is better off buying a starter home over any other types of home. Generally speaking, starter homes don’t have the glamour that you find in some expensive houses, but if you want too, there are houses for sale wellington telford that can satisfy your eyes.

Back in reality, first-time homebuyers begin house hunting by sorting out some list of amenities they’ll be needing and locations where they want to live. A standard and most common options for a starter home should have three bedrooms and two baths. But a standard option for a starter home is a high-cost or famous city might only have at least two bedrooms and one bathroom or perhaps a studio condo.

Advantages of Choosing a Starter Home

If you’re still undecided whether you purchase a starter home or not, then below are the list of benefits you must see to help you come up with a decision:

  • Entry-Level Price Point – regardless of the type of home a buyer chooses as a starter home, that house is priced much cheaper compared to others. The best thing about buying a starter or entry-level home is the demand for this house remains constant. Meaning, there’s always an upward pressure for the process since that’s the largest market for new home buyers. Why? Because some people might not need to purchase a larger two-story house with 5 or more bedrooms.
  • Quick and Faster Appreciation – a starter home would appreciate your investment much faster compared to a move-up home. For cautious first-time buyers, these advantages give additional assurance that buyers are making the appropriate decision about their investment.
  • Less Expensive and Lower Expenses – aside from the mortgage payment, your property taxes will base on the actual sales prices, and because of that, it’ll become more manageable. Other expenses like gas, water, and electricity will lessen as well.

Useful Tips When Buying a Starter Home 

  1. Minimize Your Excitement

Avoid getting carried away; you must practice how to tone down your excitement. Doing this will help you to affirm what you want to live so you won’t end up paying for more than you can afford. First-time homebuyers buy many starter homes on an overly emotional level.

It’s easy to like a home with the first glance. But thinking that you’re going to spend more than hundreds and thousands of dollars, you must do it based on your common sense. Don’t get too excited by amenities you’ll see, because those things might not probably expensive as you may think.

  1. Be Financially Prepared

Always use a pre-approved letter from a reputable mortgage lender in your area. There are times that you might be tempted to search online to find a better rate and deal. But in reality, lenders in your area can also offer competitive prices as well. Be wise enough to keep money your community to support local companies.

Before deciding to go for a mortgage lender, make sure that all of your financial obligations are listed and well-managed. So you won’t have any problems in the future when it comes to financial matters.

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