When to Transition Baby From Bassinet to Crib


Perhaps you just had your first or another newborn. You want to make everything easy and comfy for this little one. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that newborns love it in the cozy quarters, which is why you should consider buying the best bassinets Australia. A bassinet is necessary for the first couple of weeks of your infant to have a healthy sleep. It’ll be easier for a parent to learn the needs of the baby when it’s in a bassinet next to the bed. The baby will need more attention, especially with their unpredictable sleeping patterns.

Before the baby learns to sleep on their own without rocking or feeding it, it’s recommended that parents stick to the bassinet. However, transitioning the baby from the crib is a big deal.Most parents don’t realize the right age to make the decision. Since babies aren’t born with similar conditions, there are things you can use to know the baby is ready to use the crib.

When to Move The Baby to a Crib

Making the transition from bassinet to the crib is not an easy decision. You need to learn how to tell that the baby is ready to move and how to get the baby to sleep comfortably in the crib. Once your baby is four months, he or she can do great in a crib. However, other babies can be moved as early as three months, depending on whether they can sit on their own and have stopped rolling over or not. Sometimes, you’ll have to make the transition because the babies are often too big for the bassinet. While some babies will show early signs for the change, others can stay on the bassinet longer if everything is going smoother.

You should ensure you move the baby before they begin sitting or playing around for safety reasons. Have in mind that the bassinet may be shallow or too weak to allow the baby to move around or play. Hence, pay attention to realize the right time for transition. Once the baby is ready to sleep in the crib, be sure to get him or her to get used to it. Make the transition easy by spending tummy time with your baby in the crib during the day. Also, you can put the baby in the crib for a couple of weeks until he gets used to it. As you make the switch in stages, ensure the crib is comfortable-but not with stuffy things until the baby is 12 months or older. The baby will learn to sleep in the crib on her own in a couple of weeks.


While you’re working to make a smooth transition from the bassinet to the crib, ensure your child is having a healthy sleep. Keep checking especially during the night to ensure the child maintains a better sleeping position and that there is enough room to move. You can find king single beds for sale, as well as quality bassinets and cribs online both of you are having a quality sleep.

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