Fire starter sticks or how to make your life easier


Have you been in a situation when you needed to make a bonfire but failed? Sometimes it happens because of damp wood, strong wind, bad weather, or anything else. Whatever the reason, it may spoil your hiking, picnic, and romantic date.

Fire starter sticks are ready to come to the rescue. They are used to make fire under different conditions, both indoor and outdoor. Being eco-friendly, fire sticks have become an excellent option for nature lovers and people with fireplaces at home.

So, what are fire starter sticks, and whether they are worth buying? Let’s find the answer to this question!

What are fire starter sticks made of?

The essential fact about firewood you should know is that it is 100% natural and doesn’t contain chemicals. Fire starter sticks are harvested from pine tree leftovers. You have no reason to worry about the environment since the sticks are taken from pine stumps or damaged trees.

You may ask: “Why can’t I do such firewood sticks myself?” In fact, you can, but it will cost you a lot of time and nerves. The secret of fire starter sticks lies in their drying technology. Specialists use specific equipment to get perfect fire makers.

Where to buy fire starter sticks?

You can buy firewood sticks online or offline. The first option is more convenient since you can choose from many offers on the Internet. Moreover, many stores provide up-selling and use the strategy “the more you buy, the cheaper it will be”.

However, if e-commerce is Greek to you, visit the nearest hypermarket or a physical store of the fire starter sticks provider.

How to use the fire starter?

Firewood sticks can help you make a fire without going through a challenging quest. All you need to do is to open the package, take at least 3 sticks, and crisscross them. Make a fire using matches and wait. 15 minutes will be enough for fire starter sticks to get the work done.

Since they are made of natural materials, sticks are moisture-resistant and easy to ignite. They have a pleasant smell and help create a cozy atmosphere at home. Fire starter sticks burn with minimal smoke, so they are safe even for indoor use. The sticks will help you to make a fire easily and quickly, even in unfavorable weather conditions – just light them with a match or a lighter and enjoy.

Fire starter sticks: delivering a verdict

Firewood sticks serve as a great alternative to everything we knew before. They are not only safe for our health and environment but also may save your nerves. Why do I say so?

  1. If you decide to make a fire using available means, you become dependent on weather conditions. If it is humid outside, your chances of making a good fire are minimal. What’s more, if you are having a picnic in a popular spot, you must take a long path to find appropriate tree sticks. The only advantage of this method – it is free of charge.
  1. If you use charcoal, be ready to wash your hands and clothes several times. You may not know it, but coal produces harmful substances while burning and harms the atmosphere.

In such a way, fire starter sticks can save you time for more pleasant things. Just ignite them with matches and wait for 10 minutes. It is all you need to do to get a perfect fire.

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