Creative Ways to Add More Pops of Color to Your Outdoor Space


When people think of color in the home, interiors typically come to mind. However, outdoor spaces can be turned into whatever color range you prefer by simply getting a little creative with your existing features. Adding more pops of color to your outdoor space is a great way to make it unique and delightful to guests in your home. And, you do not have to break the bank to accomplish this. Here are some great ideas you can use to refresh the look of your outdoor area.

Paint Garden Walls

The wall or walls overlooking your yard or garden offer a blank canvas on which you can add all kinds of colors to make the environment more appealing. Choose a shade that will complement the appearance of your deck or patio and the surrounding landscaping. If under an HOA, be sure to check that your choices are not in any violation of any rules regarding the appearance of external walls. If you are a good artist or can hire one, you may even want to consider a mural. Such artwork can make for a fantastic centerpiece or complement the outdoor environment you have created.

Vary Your Plants and Flowers

You can bring in color from nature. There are many vibrantly colored plants and trees you can opt to add to your landscape. You have even more choices when it comes to flowers. You can plant them as bushes and stems in the ground, flower pots, or hanging baskets. This offers a good range of options for how they will be displayed. If using pots and baskets, they too can be found in different colors that will add even more extraordinary vividness.

Color Your Garden Furniture 

If you have garden furniture already, chances are you can add a splash of color by simply painting them. Concrete, wrought iron and wooden garden benches can be painted in various interesting shades. You can also find a good range of colorful choices if you prefer to shop for such furniture. If you prefer not to alter classic looks, you can then opt to add colorful cushions and pillows where the seating style allows.

Add Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles come in all manner of colors, patterns and graphics. You can incorporate them in various outdoor areas, such as where you may have an outdoor kitchen or bar, around a water feature or swimming pool, or along a walkway. You can even use them to create a mural in a fountain, swimming pool, or a wall.

Add an Outdoor Rug

Adding an outdoor rug to the seating area on your deck or patio is a great way to add some variation to the aesthetics. There are so many appealing colors and patterns to choose from that will enhance the look and comfort of your outdoor seating or dining area. Rugs tend to give a more relaxed feel as they encourage people to take their shoes off and provide a good napping spot.

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