Carpets: Art For Your Floor


Art is a means of dissent. It provokes and inspires. It entices and conspires against the issues that plague society. When no one is willing to confront, when no one is willing to raise questions, there is always an art to lay the foundations of a liberal society. Art always serves as a counterbalance to the pendulums swinging amongst the rifts of a society reliant on ideology, be it populism, fascism, neo-liberalism or conservatism.

Rugs & Art

A society’s atmosphere can be made stone deep clean by the presence of an artistic air, one that integrates all as it walks along the weary way. Rugs are the art that your floor needs. They attempt to express what you couldn’t express through your words, reputation, or status. It is the thing that closely resembles what an artistic vision can imbibe. One may confess that rugs are not a correct format of art, they are just some pieces of interwoven wool placed on your floor beneath your foot, so it doesn’t become too dirty with your dirt ridden footsteps.

Value of Intent

As very artistically articulated, it all comes down to intent. If you select your carpet because it soothes your taste of colours, if you choose your carpet because it felt more appropriate for your exhibitionist room, if it was ordered with specific whims and fancies, certain specifications and requirements, if the design suits the client instead of its original creator, then you can say with certain certainty that you have drifted away from a platonic conception of art.

Consumerist Intention

Rugs and carpets can be perceived as a form of decoration for your floor, a useful format of art that bears a wide consumption, but the question remains that are they truly artistic? Stone deep clean, that’s how clean a piece of art can be. Clean in a way that is bereft from all the ordeals that constraint and chain the artistic intent. Consumerist proportions have grown to such an extent that even to sustain art we need the antithetical stone deep clean precondition of money. Intellectually it would be dishonest to call the mass-produced paintings from China a piece of art, with the combined balance of blue that ties the room.

Supreme Asset

In a world driven by deep stone clean designs, that would be an ideal. Art would be the supreme asset; rugs would be an element of a mass-manufactured exercise, with a plain white left as the only design, left to be painted by your dirty footsteps. Ensembles of carpets, with deep stone clean design, which would be just a mere necessity. It is the need of the hour to design such carpets that wholeheartedly contest against the status-quo. The status quo malice can be corporate tyranny, breeding corruption, or the lack of stone deep clean elements in our society.

To offer a novelty, to dissent and to challenge the pre-existing notions, that is what our intent should be. Why not start by refuting the above essay, as though undertaking a stone deep clean cleansing of all that exists prior, giving way to all that exists ahead.

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