An Overview of Standard Raw Materials for Countertops


Remodelling the kitchen is an exciting thing, and it increases the overall value of a home. One of the most significant parts to consider for upgrading is the countertops. But, knowing the ideal raw material to use for the surfaces can be a challenge.

The materials you choose for kitchen surfaces should not only be appealing but should aid the culinary activities. Some of the common materials for a modern kitchen include granite, quartz & marble stones. However, you cannot use them all in a single space since it will create a cliché in the interior design. But, there is no need to worry as we will look at the materials, including their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to gain more insights into them.


The raw material is common in traditional and modern designs. They are available in different thicknesses, shades and patterns. Also, the prices will differ depending on the characteristics and the vendor. A thicker surface will be more durable and can withstand the wear from kitchen activities.

Granite is advantageous due to its durability and aesthetic value. The material will significantly increase a home valuation when you want to sell. It resists heat from the cooking pots and does not scratch easily. You do not need to do much to maintain the surfaces as they will require cleaning, and they will be okay. If you want a surface to last many years, the granite material is the best option.

On the other hand, it is essential to seal the granite surfaces since they are porous. By doing so, you will avoid the chancesof staining and increase the surface’s longevity.


It is different from the other natural stones. Quartz contains resins at 5% of its composition. However, the other 95% is stone. The characteristic makes it a versatile raw material to consider for countertops. Its pricing is similar to granite, but it varies depending on the thickness. Also, you can select from a wide variety of colours.

Quartz is advantageous as a kitchen surface. Its antibacterial features make it a healthy option. You do not need to seal the surfaces to prevent bacterial buildup. The material is non-porous and offers an extended services life. Quartz appearance is uniform and consistent. They do not chip easily and require minimal maintenance. You can protect it from staining by using the recommended cleaner on the surfaces.


Probably you have seen pillars and sculptures made of marble. The items are stylish, and it is the same when you select the raw materials for your kitchen countertops. They are elegant and improve the aesthetic value of a kitchen. It offers several choices in the shades, and the texture is appealing.

If you will be using the surfaces frequently, it would be best to seal them since the stone is porous. The tops can be suitable for baking activities. You can roll the dough on them and benefit from their cold. Still, the material improves the home valuation. However, they are high maintenance and can be costly.


Apart from the three raw materials, other options include wood, concrete, and glass. However, the above surfaces are the most adaptable top modern kitchens.

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