Are Circular Stairs Safe?


Yes, they are. When you have circular stairs in your home, the question remains whether they are safe or not. Of course, you should never take any chances when it comes to stairs. If your stairs happen to be circular, it is crucial that you also know the safety measures necessary for using them safely.These stairs must blend in with the overall ambiance that will make your house look grand.

You must also be very careful in installing the stairs to make them fit in with the surrounding d├ęcor of your home; hence the reason you should work with Royal Oak.

You need to follow specific safety measures for using circular stairs.

1) Circular stairs should not be winding or narrow

When it comes to circular stairs, they should always be wide, open, and have a proper handrail for support. It is necessary that you build wide circular stairs to easy to climb. If the stairs are narrow, many people will find it challenging to use them.

2) The staircase must have grab rails

When using these types of stairs, two grab rails should also be placed at equal distances from each other. These rails should be placed at the height of about 1 meter from both sides of the stairs.

3) The stairs must have a proper handrail

The circular staircase should also have a handrail, supporting you and preventing any injury because of falling down the staircase. It is also crucial that the handrail be made of some smooth material.

4) It should have anti-slip treads

The stairs must also have an anti-slip surface so that people will find it easy to climb up and down them without any difficulty. The bottom and top surfaces of these stairs must be painted with a material that has a slip-resistant compound, which will help prevent slipping of feet.

5) The staircase must have proper illumination

Proper lighting is also crucial for using circular stairs. They should have the appropriate light fixtures fitted to them so that people can use them conveniently day or night. You also need to ensure that they are not too bright and give out too much glare.

6) The stairs must be made of the suitable material

The circular stairs must also be made of relevant material. You should not use them for heavy traffic or load-bearing purposes. They should also be sturdy enough to accommodate both feet with ease and support your weight as well.

7) There should be no obstructions

When using circular stairs, ensure that there are no obstructions on them. The area should also have proper flooring to walk conveniently without any difficulty. If you have to use these stairs for heavy traffic purposes, it is advisable not to install handrails on the edges of the steps because it will make it difficult for people to walk.

8) The stairs need to be appropriately lit and well-ventilated

It is also necessary that the staircase be appropriately lit and well-ventilated. A window must also be located at the top of the stairs for proper ventilation and illumination. You must ensure adequate light and air circulation to make them easy to use.


Circular stairs are both functional as well as aesthetically appealing. However, if you want people to use them conveniently, these steps must be made safe for everyone.

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