Water filtration soft or hard water


Both soft and hard water has its supporters and opponents. Both has an impact on our organism and home appliances. Which one is a better option? We will try to answer this question in the following article.

What is filtering?

Before we focus on a main issue, let’s look at the filtration process. It is about removing pollutants and harmful substances that got into the water when passing through the home pipes. It also eradicates the unpleasant odor of chlorine, which water networks use, among others, to get rid of dangerous bacteria, dirt.

Filtering is a helpful process when we need tap water to be our source of irrigation. Appliances purifying it from sand and excess sodium and calcium can be seen in the offer of the producer Dafi, which apart of pitchers and filtering bottles has also many kinds of filters tailored to our needs.

Where is soft and hard water?

In the case of soft water it can be met in „a nature” during evaporation process. The falling rain evaporates, and the minerals that penetrate the soil fertilize it. On the other hand, hard water can be met in caves and in our taps. There is a lot of calcium in it, and on the rocks specific sediment is visible. Sodium is precipitated, which in reaction with electrical devices – kettles, heaters, washing machines – causes their faster consumption and, as a result, corruption. Household appliances accumulate smaller amounts of water, they spoil, and their repair becomes more and more expensive.

Filter or leave?

Neither in theory nor in practice hard water is too healthy for our organism.

It does not foam too much and that is why more or stronger detergents are needed in order to precisely clean particular surfaces, hair, cutlery. Thus, head skin is oily, hair is brittleness and it creaks under the fingers, it is dry as our skin.

On the other hand, soft water which we filter adds better taste to our meals, thoroughly cleanses the skin, dissolves cosmetics that have a better effect and reduces the consumption of detergents. In addition, it does not cause sediment formation.

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It is a common myth that filtered water is soft and devoided of minerals. This is not true, because filters remove only the excess which is responsible for water hardness (eg calcium and magnesium mentioned). What is more, a Dafi producer has in its offer filters which enrich water.

Soft water has beneficial properties for our health and the life of electronic equipment, so it’s worth trusting filter devices and see by yourself how simple and effective it is.

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