Tips to Protect the Environment


Simple Tricks to Educate Children in Respect for the Environment

In the education of children, it is increasingly important to encourage them to be aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Therefore, not only on Earth Day but at any time, it is a perfect opportunity to share these tips to protect the environment.

Our propose to provide simple tricks to teach children to respect the environment, recycle and save water and energy. Small gestures that help children learn to protect our planet.

Tips to Teach Children to Protect the Environment

Do you think it is necessary to wait for the child to grow up to talk about environmental protection? Educating from the earliest childhood about the small habits they can follow to take care of our planet, guarantees us that, when they grow up. Sometimes, it is small gestures that matter, this is how we can teach children to protect the environment.

1  Teach your Children to Save Water

To save water, the most important thing is not to waste. How many times have you brushed your teeth with the tap running? Do you turn off the shower faucet while you lather? Water is a good that is depleted and is so important for our survival and that of nature, that we cannot waste. There “” are small customs that can help you save water at home. Simply turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, or while soaping in the shower. Pulling the toilet chain using half the load, closing the water outlet a little so that it does not come out so much or changing the bathtub through the shower tray are gestures that will not only have an impact on your water bill but also about the environment.

2 Separate Waste with your Children

Separate waste in different garbage cans. Do not get carried away by the excuse that you have no space to recycle. If, really, you want to protect the planet, have in your house a space dedicated to recycling garbage. You can separate organic waste from containers, glass, and paper. Also, do not forget to recycle batteries, appliances, clothing, furniture or other appliances. You can take them to a clean point so they have a second life and we don’t have to use new resources to manufacture.

Recycle the Paper

Before recycling paper, remember to use it on both sides. In addition, you can buy recycled paper, so you will save trees. Today there are tree plantations dedicated exclusively to paper production, thus avoiding deforestation of forests. However, all those notebooks or sheets that you use and throw away, can have another second life whether you use them completely as if you recycle them and take them to the paper and cardboard container.

Use Public Transportation

Gasoline and diesel cars emit an amount of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere that causes direct damage to people’s health. Although there are anti-pollution protocols in your city and it is ensured that there are not too many emissions into the atmosphere prohibiting traffic on certain days, you can contribute your grain of sand. How? Use public transport instead of the car. Avoid driving in the city center and access by subway or bus. Not only does it mean savings for the whole family, but you will also contribute to avoiding all such harmful pollution and wasted energy.

Saving Light Bulbs

The bulb is such an everyday and small element that it can go unnoticed for pollution purposes. However, light bulbs are highly polluting and this has an impact on the environment. Not only will you help save electricity, but they also reduce the cost of the electricity bill. If the bulb lasts a long time, it will take a long time to change it, therefore, the waste generated is reduced. This is important because some light bulbs, especially the old ones that were not energy efficient, contain highly polluting elements. In fact, since 2012 the sale of incandescent light bulbs is prohibited if you still have one at home, replace it with low-energy ones, much more environmentally friendly.

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