Simple renovations to boost your home value


Upgrading your living area or adding more space may be your primary motivation for renovations, but these changes can also significantly increase your home’s worth. The impact of house renovations on a property’s value varies from one upgrade to the next, so some renovations are a far better choice than others though. Whether you decide to renovate for your gain or to get ready to sell, let’s break them down.

Gardening and exterior construction

A well-kept garden makes for a much more appealing listing and can potentially increase its value by 20%. The benefit of this option is that purchasers prefer low-maintenance options versus crowded, complex places that demand a lot of maintenance because less is usually more when landscaping. Although they aren’t necessary, especially if your garden is tiny, lawns are undoubtedly enticing to purchasers with young children.

A fresh coat of paint

Over time, paint on walls can chip, or perhaps you have crayon traces left by young children that you’ve wished to remove. Paint over any holes left by hanging things on the wall.A fresh coat of paint instantly modernizes and alters the entire interior of your home. Given that a gallon of paint with one-coat coverage typically costs around $38, that’s about the best value you can get. Grays are back in vogue and offer a neutral palette that makes your interior or exterior design genuinely pop.

Kitchen Remodeling

Renovations to the kitchen are standard upgrades since they often offer excellent value for the money and have a good long-term track record. As it is more likely to fall under the decorating category, making some little adjustments, like switching the cabinet doors, may only enhance your valuation by 2-3%. On the other hand, a complete remodel that includes new cabinets, countertops, and tilework might increase the value of your home by 10%. Ensure your project is impactful by engaging an experienced renovation company London Ontario.

Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom makeover is another popular option that often yields excellent results. Your home’s worth could increase by 4-5%, especially if your bathroom’s fixtures and furniture are outdated or broken. Consider adding an underfloor heating system or a rain shower to an existing bathroom or en-suite to give a touch of extra luxury.

Improve energy efficiency

If done solely to increase a valuation, the more expensive energy-related changes might not be the best investment because the savings realized over the long run indicate the biggest benefits. According to government studies, making energy-saving upgrades to a property can boost its value by 14% or more. Additionally, it may be possible to qualify for a government grant for green homes, which could help to offset some of the startup costs.

Roof replacement

One of a home’s most essential components is the roof. Therefore, repairing roof issues and restoring or replacing a roof is a significant project that potential buyers will note. It also proves to be a decent investment.

The final word

There are a dozen more home renovations to boost your home value. Hiring a renovation company can save you more resources in the long run.

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