Buying a new kitchen hob is an exciting experience, but you have to consider the different types of hobs out there and your kitchen habits. The hob you choose should fit your cooking style, space requirements, and other household needs. Here are the aspects to think about when selecting a new gas hob.


Some gas hobs have automatic ignition, while others are manual. Automatic ones are better because all you have to do is turn on the ignition knob controls, and the flame is up. With manual ones, you need a manual lighter to light them up. So consider your convenience when choosing one.

Kitchen size

You have to consider your kitchen size in terms of counter space to ensure perfect gas hob installation. Your space determines the size of the gas hob you will buy. If you have a smaller kitchen, you may have to settle with a gas hob that features one or two burners or a medium-sized one. Of course, there are no limitations when you have a bigger kitchen.

Your cooking habits

Are you the sort of cook that wants to whip up meals within seconds because you lack enough time to be in the kitchen? Do you cook often? Do you love cooking? Do you hate cooking clean-ups? The answers to these questions can sum up your cooking habits to determine the best gas hob for your kitchen. The good thing about gas hobs is that they have better temperature control because of the open flame to adjust when you need to change the temperatures to suit your cooking needs.

Number of burners

Having a gas hob with more burners is efficient because you can prepare more meals at a time. You should also consider gas hobs with enough space between the burners to accommodate large pots side by side so that you don’t have any limitations. If you are not an avid cook, one or two burners will be enough.

Existing cookware

The reason why many people prefer gas hobs is that they can accommodate almost every type of cookware. If you have a varied cookware set, including stainless steel, granite, ceramic, glassware, or curved pots, you are better of with gas hobs. On the other hand, you need special cookware set to use an induction hob because the hob cannot pass heat to the cookware without magnetic material.


Another big consideration likely to impact your choice of a gas hob is your budget. The more burners a gas hob has, the more expensive it gets. Depending on the number of burners, you can get lower-end models at $300 or less, and high-end models start around $500 for four-zone gas hobs.


Prioritize your safety when choosing a gas hob. It should be free from any gas leaks. It is best to select one with safety features such as timer controls whereby the gas supply can be cut off after a preset time or when the flame is blown away by the wind.


Choose a gas hob that suits your cooking size, budget, and cooking habits. Ensure you prioritize safety and other special features such as automatic ignition.

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