The Striking Beauty And Simplicity Of The Berber Rug


The Moroccan Berber Rug is an amazingly comfortable item that looks amazing in all different kinds of interior rooms. The valuable history of the Berber rug makes the rugs not only comfortable but also historically rich. The authentic feel a Berber rug delivers helps bring personality to a home. A room showcasing a Berber rug can connect the room with the traditions that come from Morocco to the modern era, making the area gorgeous.

History of Berber Rug

The Berber rug has a long and valued history connected to the rugs we see today. The rugs were originally created by tribes located in the Middle Atlas Mountain, which is located in the region of Taza, Morocco. These tribes oversee sheep who are known to produce the highest quality wool in the world, because of the amazingly soft textures. The tribes used the rugs as blankets and beds during colder months of the year. Each rug is handmade, and no two rugs are ever the same. The rugs were made by the Beni Ourain tribal women exclusively and the women would create designs that would reflect the story of their lives. Because no two rugs are the same and the beauty of the rugs, these rugs are true pieces of art to be admired. All these reasons mentioned are what helps to elevate these Berber rugs to some of the most prestigious rugs created on earth. The rugs bring a story with them, while they also provide exceptional comfort.

Highest Quality Wool

Every Berber rug is made from the highest quality wool available. The softness and comfort that come from this wool are unparalleled. When walking upon the rug can bring a sense of comfort rarely felt. Children love to play on the rug and roll around, because of the softness and comfort. Not only beautiful, but these rugs can also handle use because they are well made and durable. The look and feel of a Berber rug will bring warmth to a space during the colder times of the year. The thickness and the comfort of the rugs can change the feel of a space completely. Transform a cold room into a warm and cozy atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Decorate With Style and Warmth

While the comfort and warmth delivered by a Berber rug or Beni Ourain Rug cannot be understated, these rugs truly are pieces of art and need to be showcased. When a visitor enters a room with a Berber rug, the odds are they will take notice and many times comment on the beauty of the art piece. Completing a room with a statement piece such as a Berber rug might be the perfect finale for the design of a space. Many times, the lovers of Berber rugs will mix and match their rug with other Moroccan items to bring the entire space together, bringing a whole new flavor to the room, when used as a rug or art piece. Click here for more information.

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