Milan Design Week 2022: Highlights from Architecture and Interior Design


You can’t be a fan of architecture and interior design and not dream of visiting the annual Salone Del Mobile, considered the world’s most influential design fair, otherwise known as Milan Design Week.

Every year in June, designers, artists, and fashion enthusiasts flock to Milan to see installations, product launches, and other works of art that inspire the world of art, design, and architecture.

This year is especially memorable as exhibitors have made the extra effort to welcome back a live crowd that signals a return to normalcy after the pandemic. Here are some of the highlights of Milan Design Week 2022 to inspire your next home project with luxury interior designers in Orlando.

2022 Milan Design Week Highlights

Eco-Friendly Furniture by Aectual

One of the most interesting displays in this year’s Milan Design Week is Aectual’s interior design products made entirely from recycled drink cartons.

These 3D-printed furniture products are customizable and they are backed by famous designer Tony Fadell of Future Shape. This collection is the company’s effort to help reduce waste in the global construction industry.

Design with Nature by Mario Cucinella

Renowned architect Mario Cucinella showcases his vision, Design with Nature,” a project that aims to create a living space based on reuse and a circular economy.

This 15,000-square-foot installation gives us a glimpse of an ecosystem that could be the home of the future using a “virtuous” vision. Cucinella’s team describes this as “a large space mindful of the design and the environment, dedicated to the new sociality.”

La Mura by Mario Bellini

Designed by famous architect Mario Bellini, “La Mura” or The Wall is a popular modular seating system that was first introduced to the market in 1972 and has been in demand ever since.

His newest collection exhibited at Milan Design Week gives an ode to the original design with some improvements to fit the times. In this design, Mr. Bellini put more emphasis on the buckles and hinges that join each module together “to give grit to the project.”

The architect also explained that his designs are timeless pieces that will evolve with different interior design styles. Only their materials change over time to make way for what’s better.


Another stunning display of art form is Buccellati’s exhibition called “Galateo—A Journey into Conviviality,” an installation curated by Federica Sala.

Here, you will see installations by Ashley Hicks, Patricia Urquiola, and Dimore featuring representations of Buccellati’s beautiful silverware collections and a porcelain line that was made as a collaboration with Ginori in 1735.

Stefano Boeri Interiors also fitted the exhibition space with mirrors to create a connection between the space and the cityscape.

Taking Inspiration from Milan Design Week In Your Home

Indeed, Milan Design Week is a haven for interior design, architecture, and art enthusiasts who want to get inspired for their own homes and clients.

If you want to experience the same aesthetics as these exhibitions or apply them to your home, make sure to collaborate with professional interior designers who know these styles and designs well.

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