Useful Items for Maximizing Condo Space


There are quite a few reasons why condos are among the most universally popular types of homes. For one thing, they offer a sense of community and shared living without any real encroachment on privacy or individual ownership. This collective ownership also offers condo residents a range of shared amenities and extras that would most probably be onerously expensive to own privately.

Condos are typically single-storied units as part of a larger complex and areas such rarely large. CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage with particular expertise in luxury condos, says that condos at the luxury end typically offer everything except size and that they can, along with rural cottages, be some of the most upmarket small dwellings. This is precisely the reason they are so popular.

Maximizing Space

Nevertheless, for many new condo owners – especially those that previously lived somewhere larger – the smaller floor space can take some getting used to, especially for those moving in with a lot of furniture or items from a previous home. Short of investing in long-term storage or selling it all off, one of the aims of many condo owners is to maximize the available space.

This has been a longstanding problem for both condo owners and contractors alike. Condos are themselves built to maximize space but, even so, there is a range of helpful products and installments that have been designed to allow every modern convenience to be packed into a condo while taking up the minimum amount of space. But what are these products? And how can we separate out the genuine space-saving lifesavers from the novelty items?

Top Space-Saving Home Furnishings

Here follows some of the most helpful space-saving condo furnishing. Few of these are restricted to condos alone, and many can be used wherever you would like to free up a bit of floor space in your dwelling.

A Rolling Cart

When it comes to televisions and entertainment systems, bigger normally means better. For sure, music systems can be designed with an economy of space in mind, but for anything with a screen, size really does matter. This is where a rolling cart comes in handy. By mounting your TV and entertainment system onto this item of wheeled furniture, you can push it over to an inconspicuous location when it is not in use, freeing up living space in the process.

A Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed, which can both fold away and double up as a sofa, is one item that is sure to save you a great deal of space during the day. For those in the smallest bachelor condos, they’re almost a necessity.

A Mirror

Okay, the humble mirror will not actually save you any space, but by mounting mirrors of sufficient size on your walls, you can make a room feel considerably bigger than it actually is. This can have a pretty significant effect where simple home comfort is concerned.

Space-Saving Hanger

A space-saving hanger is an amazingly simple but remarkably effective way to free up closet space. By hanging your clothes from every notch on this vertically orientated chain-like item, you can fit in considerably more.

An Over-the-Door Organizer

When it comes to everything about the size of a pair of shoes, there is no reason to build up unsightly piles and colonize much-needed floor space when you have an over-the-door organizer. This can store everything from cleaning products to toilet paper.

Ultimately, if you buy a condo then it’s clear that you’re not purchasing with maximum square meters in mind. Nevertheless, it is remarkable how much space you can save with a few innovative organizational products.

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