Tips to make your wet basement dry this spring


Surely wet basement damage is the last thing you want to handle during your spring-cleaning. Hence, it is very important to take the right measures to keep your wet basement dry this season.

You can say, it is just a matter of time until winter moves into spring and snowstorms transform into rainfalls. Even though your basement can leak during the cold season, it is important to keep a close eye on your basement during the spring. Before any basement leaks or flooding hits this season, here are some precautionary tips you can take for basement waterproofing in Toronto.

Why isn’t your basement dry?

The first thing to consider here is why and how the water is coming into your basement. During spring, your main culprit is rain. Usually, it occurs because of improper placement of downpipes outside the house. If you don’t have troughs or downspouts to direct the water away from your walls, it can easily lead to a basement foundation leak. Hence, before the rain starts, it is important to install a proper gutter system outside your home.

After you have perfectly checked the gutter system, make sure you clean it efficiently. Once the snow starts melting, you will see your gutters flooded with materials like twigs and leaves. The water will never flow unless you clean this mess. Without clearing the debris, water can easily overflow and enter areas where it shouldn’t, forcing water in the foundation. So, always keep an eye on your gutters.

Though fixing downspouts airing in the mid of your lawn can be painful to the eyes, they are helpful in keeping your basement dry. Installing downpipes will help in the flow of water during rainfall, keeping it away from your foundation and basement. However, all houses are unique and fixing a downspout for a natural slope may not be useful everywhere. Hence, speak to a professional to know about installing an underground drainpipe and channelizing the downpipes towards it.

Tackling web basement damage issues

Now, if you are reading this after you have experienced some wet basement issues, then you have a few ways to fix the problem instantly. The first is to inspect the landscape of your home, find out where the water is coming in from and how can you fix it on the outside.

Find the right materials to fix the issue- adding proper soil or repairing the gutters. Make sure you check the gutters and downspouts consistently to avoid any water damage.

Taking care of your drainage system and instant wet basement repair can actually waterproof your basement. Waterproofing involves controlling the debris, fixing the basement floor and installing a drain to collect water when it leaks. Once the wet basement repair is done, the leaks can instantly stop.

If you want to fix the problem from the outside, remove any trees and plants close to your house foundation as roots can create a water channel leading to your basement or foundation. Then make a slope and create a new fill to avoid this problem.

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