Shopping Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Oriental Rugs For Sale


A lot of people will go rug shopping when they’re world traveling in parts of the Middle East and Asia, and this is certainly an incredible experience if done the right way. Of course there are so many loopholes and chances of being taken advantage of as a tourist in other parts of the world, which is why you’re going to need to do your rug shopping homework before embarking on any epic journeys!

We’ve teamed up with the Rug Source specialists who know a thing or two about finding high-quality Oriental rugs for sale, so you should take it from the seasoned specialists in that the below shopping tips will go a very long way in ensuring your shopping success:

Knot Count

Every traditional Oriental rug is completely handmade, and one way to verify a rug’s integrity is to look at its overall knot count. Knot count is typically measured per square inch, and a quality area rug will have hundreds of knots per square inch. If you flip a rug over and start counting the knots on the back side, a rug seller will know you mean business and know what you’re looking for.

Even though you won’t necessarily need to do legitimate counting, the back side of any Oriental rug will say a lot about its integrity and durability. Machine-made rugs have knots that are perfectly uniform, whereas handmade rugs will feature subtle variations and seemingly human error.

Rug Material

Handmade Oriental area rugs are always made from natural fibers like wool and other material blends. If you are looking for a silk area rug, then you should know that these rugs will be incredibly shiny and beautiful at first glance.

Wool area rugs are very common throughout the Orient, and the overall quality of the wool will largely depend upon where the sheep came from the time of the shearing. There are many rug sellers out there that’ll try to sell you synthetic material rugs as wool, but these rugs can be spotted by just how linty they are!

Rug Color

Authentic Oriental carpets are comprised of natural dyes, but of course there are plenty of synthetic dyes out there that are used for area rugs today as well. It’s pretty difficult for a novice rug shopper to be able to identify synthetic rug dyes while they’re shopping, but one way is via subtle unevenness that could indicate something is awry.

Budget Setting

Another important tip when it comes to shopping for Oriental area rugs is establishing a set budget that you should stay true to. It’s likely that you’ll come across some rugs that you really love but probably shouldn’t purchase due to your budgetary constraints, but it’s important to remember that you’ll get more quality with the more you spend.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that your area rug should speak true to who you are and what you want your home décor to be, but it also shouldn’t break the bank, either!

Fall In Love With A Rug’s Design

The best part about Oriental rug shopping is finding the style and patterns that truly speak to you on a personal level. There’s inevitably going to be countless options for you to choose from, which is why you should take your time and better ensure that you’re getting your décor needs met and will also bring the ambience you want to your flooring.

Contact Rug Source To Learn More Shopping Tips When You’re Browsing Through Oriental Rugs For Sale!

Rug shoppers everywhere need to stay true to themselves, while at the same time not be afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and stretch their own personal boundaries. It’s a beautiful experience when you’re browsing through Oriental rugs for sale, and it’s a home décor addition that you should always take seriously while having fun.

You can learn more about Oriental rug shopping by speaking directly with the Rug Source experts by clicking on the link to their website at the top of the article!

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