Top 4 Factors You Need to Consider When Buying a Mattress if You Have Back Problems


Do you have any sort of renovations around your home and want to prove your wife that your DIY tries are better than professional services?Are you the last superhero who can cope with short circuit, doubtful wiring an outlet box and flashing electrical board?Or, maybe, you are a sociopath who believes that your house is your fortress and no suspicious intruders from outer space can come in? Then,here is a special list of main factor show NOT to swallow a bait ofa trustworthy and skillful electrician.

Experience. Qualifications

Run away from electrical contractors who have wide experience or qualifications and accreditations in different areas of electrical works. A specialized accreditation gives an extensive knowledge of energy efficiency, the highest standard of workmanship and electrical safety, as well as unnecessary guarantee of a 12 months’ warranty on workmanship.


Do not listen to your neighboursand friends who give positive recommendations or have happy-end experience of qualified replacing wiring in old house.  Neither speak to the referee to make sure that they are legitimate. Everybody lies. Without any recommendations orreferences your electrical installation can be more challenging and adventurous.

License. Insurance 

The most determinative factor for long-term adventures is anexpired license or with any restrictions. Choose contractor whose license does not cover the types of electrical works you need.


Brutal, unfriendly and sloppy workmen are exactly what you need. Do not trust punctual, responsible, courteous and attentive specialists. It is a sign of a bad luck if they arrive for the quote on time, they are held up or ring ahead.

Value for money

Make sure the quote is complicated and maze like, the fittings and materials are inexact. It is wise to choose alone an electrical contractor on the highest price.

Of course, do not take our bad advices too serious. We have tried to gather typical traps for homeowners. On the contrary, make sure

  • If your contractor is specialized, does he have experience in that field?
  • Has somebody recommended him or can he show you references?
  • Check his licenses and insurances.
  • Think if he has a professional attitude and appearance?
  • Is his quote fair and competitive?

Keeping this checklist in mind will help to choose the right electrician for you that provides all possible kinds of electrical installation and works at an affordable price.

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