What can I do if my tree is damaged by a storm?


Storms can cause havoc to trees and it can be stressful. Trees are often considered sentimental by many homeowners. A tree that you have planted in your new house or at the birth of your child is one example. They are a valuable asset because they provide shade and privacy. After a storm, it is crucial to evaluate the extent of damage to your trees. To save your trees, you will need to call a local tree company.

How much damage has the tree suffered?

Sometimes tree damage such as hanging, broken, or hanging branches can be obvious. You might notice soil disturbances around the tree’s base, especially if the tree is raised on one side and lowered on the other. It is possible to notice roots exposed to the soil or trees leaning toward one side.

If a tree is severely damaged by a hurricane, it’s a good idea to call a local tree service. You and your family’s property and homes could be damaged if the tree falls on them.

After the Storm: The First Steps to Help Your Tree

A tree service in South Florida can safely remove tall, heavy, or damaged branches. They are equipped with the tools and equipment to safely trim them. You can trim the smaller branches and move on to the larger ones. It is not a good idea to try and make the tree uniform on all sides. This can cause more damage and slow down the tree’s recovery.

To protect your tree from potential insect damage, you can use a chisel or other similar tool to smoothen rough edges. Bark can be tempting to insects, so make sure you don’t remove it. These places can be used by insects as hiding spots to chew on the tree.

When is it best to call a tree service in your area?

If you think your trees may have been damaged by storms, it is a good idea to call a tree service. They have the skills and training to deal with severe damage while saving trees whenever possible. Tree specialists will be able identify potential problems such as areas that are vulnerable to the next storm. Even though decay is not obvious to most homeowners it can cause serious damage to your tree during a storm. Sometimes tree removal is necessary. Trees can be severely damaged by Florida storms.

Arborwise Tree Service is the best option if you are looking for tree removal services in your local area. Our experts are highly qualified and can provide the help you need after a storm. We will gladly give you a free assessment of your concerns and a quote.

This post was written by a professional arborist at   Arbor Wise Professional Tree Care.

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