How to Move a Pool Table, No Scratching


There are many pool tables that offer hours of entertainment, some even decades. We’re here to help you learn how to move a pool table.

This is the first thing you need to know: to move the table, you will likely have to disassemble it. If you are handy, it is possible to do this yourself. If you don’t hire a professional to put the pool table together and level it properly, you might end up losing the eight ball.

For expert advice on moving a pool table, read on.

The Best Way to Move a Pool Table: Take it Apart!

You need to be strategic and focused to get your pool table ready for play. This often means taking it apart. These babies can weigh over 1,000 pounds.

It would take six people otherwise. The railings cannot support the weight of a table.

This exception applies if the table is being moved into another room in the house, on the same floor. Because of the slate rock beneath their soft felt, many pool tables are heavy. However, if you can find a budget table that is made from lighter materials (still a lot), it will be a lot less. It’s  suggested that you can move it yourself in one piece.

Planning for a Pool Table

It is important to plan enough time to move a pool table. You should spend at least 45 minutes disassembling it and then two hours putting it back together again with the help of a professional. The Friedlands may spend up to five hours tuning a table that is very expensive, complicated, or ornate.

Before you move, make sure to inspect the table carefully. You may also need to replace the felt or cushions. These should be replaced after you have completed the move and are ready for reassembly.

Consider the steps involved in your move, as well as the dimensions of the pool table and the breakable size. This will allow you to decide how many friends you want to invite and how much food and drinks to order.

You will need to have the following tools available for the move and disassembly of your table: a few different drills, screwdrivers, and moving blankets. A minimum of two people are required.

The experts have seen it all and can do some very difficult moves. To move the slate through the 35-inch opening, the Fried lands had to take a door off its hinges and move it down a winding staircase.

It’s not too late to hire professionals if you are looking for a new home. I’s rare for a pool table to be moved in the same day or the next day as you call.

Game Day: Take down the table

Begin by removing any staples or screws from the felt areas tucked into the six pockets.

Next, remove the bolts holding the rails to slate. Take off the felt.

Next, remove the screws holding the slate to the table frame. Take out each screw one at a time.

Finally, take down the table frame and break it into pieces. Once you have reached the new location, reverse the steps to reassemble the table frame.

The Cost to Move a Pool Table with a Mover

A professional move of a table costs $350 depending on where it is located and if there aren’t any stairs involved. The price will rise if the distance to the move is longer or more complex.

The cost of assembling a table and storing it in storage can be as low as $225.

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