Want to Take in Your Aging Parents? Top 4 Features to Add To Your Home


As people age, there is a gradual change in their lifestyle and needs such that they might need extra help. They may need to live in assisted living facilities or require in-home care to get help with accessibility and mobility. Ensuring aging parents have enough in their life and are living in the right conditions is essential. Not many people want to take their parents to assisted living facilities. Therefore, a good solution may be to add various features to their homes to accommodate their aging parents. With home improvement features, it is possible to give your elderly parents the privacy they need and peace of mind.

How Can You Prepare Your Home For Aging Parents?

When preparing your home to take in older adults, there are various adjustments you must make to make it easy for them to access different places and live independently. Several areas may present challenges for older adults with balance, memory, and mobility issues. Therefore, take some time to determine how to maximize their safety and meet accessibility needs. You can include the following home addition features to make the transition easier.

4 Features to Add to Your Home for the Aging Parents

Once you have decided to bring your elderly parents aboard, the next thing is to make your home comfortable and livable for them. Here are several additions to consider.

1. Close Proximity Dwelling

When your parents or in-laws want to move in, there is a better option other than moving into your house. You can consider adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your property to make a living fit for everyone and give peace of mind. ADU is a separate structure you build in your home to keep your family close. You can look for professional ADU builders to get the place ready in a short time. Your aging parents will have their own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. It is a cost-effective option to ensure your elderly parents live close.

2. No Stairs or Adding Stair Lift

Your parents will be more comfortable living in the house without using the stairs now and then. Accommodating them at ground level reduces mobility issues, allowing them to get around with their walkers or wheelchairs easily. So, if you have a story building, give your aging parents the ground rooms. You can also install lifts or ramps on the stairs.

3. Plenty of Artificial and Natural Light

The house should have sufficient artificial and natural light for vision impairment. It is also common for older people to need a lot of light. Therefore, ensure your home has large windows to let in natural light and reliable lighting fixtures for the night.

4. Larger Entryways

Make your entryways large enough for the parents to access them using their walkers or wheelchairs. Your parents may be using oxygen tanks or other significant medical devices. Therefore, make sure there is enough room for them to pass. One requirement in ADU buildings is to ensure the doorways are large enough to accommodate mobility devices.

Give Your Aging Parents Comfortable Space

Bringing in your aging parents is an excellent decision to ensure they are cared for. The best way to make the transition easier for you and them is to build an ADU with the best ADU builders. You will have created a comfortable place for your elderly parents.

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