Toxin-Free Home Water


Toxins such as chlorine, chloramine, trihalo methanes, and metals like lead are daily carcinogenic substances we interact with while cleaning, cooking, or drinking water. However, most individuals don’t recognize the implications of these chemicals on our health. A whole house water filter is an economical breakthrough in curtailing cancer associated with carcinogens in water that we use daily.

A whole house water filter is the cheapest water treatment method that involves a single step towards obtaining fresh water free from toxins for domestic use. Urban defender is the latest whole-house water filter that most individuals are running after because of its simplicity, 99.9% toxin removal, and pocket friendly.

You can treat your water at the main supply for toxin-free domestic water. Most of the water we use in our home today are reservoirs of metals, chlorine, and other carcinogenic chemicals that later causes cancer to our family members.

Why choose whole house water filters?

Whole house water filters are guaranteed and cheap for home water treatment. They are connected at the water entrance to ensure your water is toxin free before being allowed to flow to various points in your home.

 Unlike other filters, whole house water filters are only connected to the main supply, thus saving on the cost of fixing several filters at each sink. This will ensure that your laundry, cooking, and bathing water is free from carcinogens.

What are the effects of toxins in water?

Water toxins are the greatest unseen threat to our health since we get exposed to them daily when we use untreated or chlorinated water. Chlorine, lead, haloacetic acid, and other toxins are associated with kidney and liver diseases, anemia, and cancer.

Research shows that exposure to certain levels of chlorine through drinking chlorinated water or taking a shower increases your risk of developing cancer later in life. Chlorine combines with organic matter in water to form trihalomethane, a cancer-causing byproduct.

Excessive chlorine exposure is also associated with other gross health effects, including deterioration in the reproduction system, difficulty breathing, sore throat, and skin irritation.

What is the best method of removing toxins from water?

There are several water treatment methods designed to remove toxins or kill microbes from water. Chlorination and filtration have been the most adopted methods for removing toxins from domestic water. However, most individuals are now adopting the filtration method since it leaves no trace of cancer byproducts in home water.

A whole house water filter is the best equipment to provide you with clean and soft water for cleaning or taking a shower. With the debut of the Urban defender, whole-house water filtration has been made cost-effective as you only need a single water treatment point before you distribute the water to various pipes.

Unlike other filters, the urban defender is designed to remove chemicals, metallic ions, and non-metallic ions like arsenic, cobalt, mercury, copper, and many more. In addition, this filter permits the fixation of the reverse osmosis system to maintain speed and enhance the removal of chemicals.

The most effective whole house water filters are sophisticated with catalytic carbon to remove chlorine and chloramines from any source; this will ensure that your water is toxin free.

My whole house water filter has greatly impacted our lives as it produces odorless, soft water free from toxins. At first, I thought whole house water filters were bogus until I conducted a test on the resultant water and detected zero chemical traces.

What to consider when choosing a whole house water filter?

Getting the best and most economical water filter for home use may put you through the hassle, especially when unfamiliar with your local water report and the features of this equipment. However, consider the following before settling on the best whole house water filter that will suit your needs.

Analyze your local water report

Analyzing your supply system is the most important consideration before settling on the best filtration method. Your local water report is the best indicator for identifying metals and chemicals you are likely to interact with daily.

A carbon water filter is the best choice when it comes to the removal of harmful chloramines and other chemicals in the water. When your supply reports chlorine traces, granular activated carbon will be okay for the task.

Purpose of filtration

Whole house water filters come in various forms, flow rates, and sizes. The volume of water needed in your homewill dictate the size of the filter you should buy for water treatment. However, large filters are needed for commercial purposes to give high water output to run the machines.

The flow rate of your dispensers

Analyzing the flow rates of your faucets and dispensers is imperative to prevent pressure variations that may lead to leakages and hose bursting. The flow rates of faucets and dispensers should be lower than the water filter as this may cause choking in the machine.

Counter-check the flow rates before deciding on the best water filter for long-lasting equipment.

Quality control

Certification of any equipment is very important to guarantee its credibility. Before settling on any water filter, ensure its NSF(National Sanitation Foundation) certified to approve its quality. Urban defender is sophisticated, with quality polypropylene cartridges that ensure your water is free from contaminants.

What are the benefits of whole house water filters?

Prevents the formation of cancer byproducts- chloramines

Softens water to a level that is close to a water revitalizer

They are cheap since a single filtration system is enough for domestic water treatment

Whole house water filters remove micro and macro- contaminants

Final word

Most of us are blind and unaware of the impending doom from the water we use on a dailly basis. Chloramine, metallic, and non-metallic contaminants are the greatest unseen enemies to your health. However, using treated water can contain the future development of cancers and other diseases.

I recommend using a whole house water filter that is economical and simple to use when you’re ready to remove all water contaminants. Plus, you can add the reverse osmosis system to your kitchen sink to ensure all the metals are removed.

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