How To Pack Like a Pro: 7 Easy Steps to Stress-Free Moving


Moving to a new home brings excitement and sometimes new opportunities. However, the process can be stressful and daunting. Among the daunting activities, packing is the most complex. Many people don’t know how to pack and make many packing mistakes. With the proper steps, you will pack like a pro and enjoy a stress-free move.

Here’s how to pack like a pro.

1. Make a packing checklist

Packing without a packing checklist can be daunting. You’ll likely forget or overlook packing instructions without a checklist. The checklist will enable you to know the remaining task and perform them accordingly.

2. Utilize professional skills

To pack right, you will need assistance from a professional moving company like the Herlihy Moving team. The movers will offer packing services and move your items. This way, you will have nothing to worry about, and you’ll have peace of mind.

3. Get your packing supplies

To ensure a stress-free move, you need supplies such as boxes. Without the quality and enough boxes, your move will be stressful and not practical. There are various boxes, such as cheap, quality, or free moving boxes. Ensure you have a variety of sizes and ensure the boxes are in good condition. Also, get bubble wraps to ensure your items are safe.

4. Start packing early

Even if your move is in several months, start packing early. Start by sorting your belongings and packing the items you rarely use. But don’t pack items you no longer need as that will take up space and increase moving costs. You’ll have enough time to pack your items appropriately to avoid breakages.

5. Color code your items

Color coding your boxes is a parking tip used by pros. Color coding helps you identify the content of each box and the destination room. You can color code on the sides or top of the boxes. Also, you can label and indicate fragile goods or the “unpack first” boxes.

6. Declutter in advance

Unless you declutter your house, packing and moving will be stressful. Decluttering makes packing easier as few things will need sorting, and there will be minimal things to go into the boxes. Also, decluttering lowers your moving cost and makes the movers’ work easy. Sell or donate items you no longer need to ensure minimal unpacking stress.

After decluttering, prepare an inventory of your belongings. This will ensure you get an accurate quote. Also, the inventory helps you to keep track of your belongings.

7. Keep your essential items handy

You won’t be able to unpack all your boxes upon arriving. Some items, such as toiletries and important documents, are essential, and you need them frequently. If they are not accessible, you will have stress moving. Therefore, ensure you pack them separately and make sure they are accessible.


Packing for a move is an exciting event that requires adequate planning. If you’re managing it alone, it can be stressful and overwhelming. It requires expert experience and skills, which is the reason why you should hire professional movers. But don’t worry! With the above tips, you can pack like a pro for a stress-free move. Venice, FL moving services

Infographic provided by Master Movers, a Venice, FL moving services company

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