The Perks of Installing Heated Flooring in Your Home


Whether you are considering adding supplemental heat to some rooms in your home or wish to have heated floors throughout your home, an in-floor heating system is the ultimate solution. Radiant floor heating is now a common trend in new homes and even remodeling projects. The best thing about installing heated flooring throughout your home is that it provides uniform heating in all the rooms, a warmth that feels like the warmth of the sun. That enables you to feel warm even when the temperature in the room is cooler.

Here is a deeper look into the perks of heated flooring for your home.

Uniform heating

According to radiant floor heating experts at Heavenly heat, the biggest benefit of having a heated floor system is that it provides uniform heating in the entire floor and the rooms. Underfloor radiant heating distributes heat evenly across the floor, providing a warm space and an ambient temperature around your body.

That is unlike the forced air heating system that uses vents to distribute warm air throughout a room. That means the vents the location of the ducts dictates which parts will be warmer than others. But with radiant heated flooring, you don’t experience cold feet regardless of where you are standing as the heat is uniform.

More energy efficiency

Installing a heated flooring system is more energy-efficient than any other form of heating, such as forced air systems and using furnaces. A radiant heating system does not allow any escape route for the warm air produced; therefore, all the heat is retained in the house. On the other hand, forced air systems use ductwork which is prone to leakage.

An adequately designed heated floor is enough to heat the whole house primarily. Plus, an electric floor heating system only takes minutes to heat up and allows you to use a digital thermostat to customize the heat on a room-to-room basis hence saving more energy.

Easy to install

Installing a heated flooring system is easy because it can be placed under any flooring. It comes in rolls with the heating cables attached in a mesh in a pattern. All the installers have to do is cut and roll them out to fill up a room. Also, they don’t need any additional ductwork, which can be time-consuming and costly to install. You can also get a tailored solution depending on your needs.


Standard heating systems like furnaces and other forced air systems disturb dust particles and other airborne allergens as they move the heated air out. That can be detrimental to sensitive family members, especially those susceptible to respiratory problems. Thankfully, a heated flooring directly produces heat via radiant heat, so it doesn’t stir up dust and other allergens.

No noise

Another advantage of installing a heated floor is that you don’t have to suffer the noise that comes with other heating systems. It is a quiet system, so you won’t hear any noise, and your home remains warm all the time.

The bottom line

A heated flooring system is energy efficient, easy to install, non-allergenic, customizable, and distributes heat evenly across your house. Plus, it is easy to maintain.

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