Nelson Partners – Is Purpose Built Student Housing a Good Investment


Purpose-built student accommodation is an excellent investment for the future. This type of student housing caters to the needs of students better. It offers excellent opportunities for current and potential investors in real estate. There has been a huge demand for student housing in the last few years due to the influx of students, both nationals from the USA or from other nations. The market is growing rapidly in the USA; however, there are not enough residential houses to cater to these students who look for affordable off-campus accommodation close to their colleges or universities.

Nelson Partners – The benefits of purpose-built student housing

Nelson Partners is a highly esteemed name in the field of student housing real estate development and property management in the USA. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in San Clemente in California. The team of professionals here is dedicated to helping property owners with both student housing and multi-family housing projects in the USA to attain their individual goals and earn a stable, consistent income.

Giving students the freedom they deserve

The purpose-built student housing accommodation is designed in such a way to allow students to have their own space and freedom, unlike traditional college dorms where they stay restricted. In fact, it is like living in their own small apartments with complete facilities like an area for studying, entertainment, sports, dining, and a common room where they can interact with their friends and family.

At the same time, this also offers the chance for investors to invest in the market that is a lot simpler than investing in many houses that have multiple occupancies.

A credible name with high repute

To date, this esteemed company has managed over $400 million in assets with two brand new offerings that are near Western Washington University and The University of Colorado in the USA. Some of the company’s most popular properties are near to the top colleges and universities of the country. The team of professionals and property managers here is skilled, friendly, and proactive. They provide customized services to their customers after they have completely understood their unique goals. They assist their clients in overcoming challenges with practical and simple solutions. This is why the company is a highly trustworthy name in the nation today.

Long term partnerships and stable income and property value appreciation over time

Nelson Partners enters into solid partnerships with property owners and helps them earn a consistent income over time. According to the team of experts here, since the properties are located near some of the best colleges and universities in the nation, the property’s value appreciates with time.

Colleges and universities are generally well-located and close to other major sports in the city, region, or town where they are based. If they have a historical significance, their value increases even more. So, if an owner wishes to sell their student housing real estate unit in the future, he/she will surely get high returns for their investments with success!

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