5 Important Features to Look for in a Modern Kitchen Tap


When shopping for a kitchen tap, you must know what features you want to find the best one. Modern fixtures offer more functionality and convenience than the standard taps of yesteryear. With contemporaryfaucets, you have the flexibility of adjusting water pressure and temperature on the fly. Some faucets even allow you to switch between different water types with just a flip of a lever or turn of a knob! These crucial features will help guide your decision as you shop for your perfect tap!

1. Electroplated Kitchen Taps

One of the essential features to look out for is the electroplated kitchen tap. That is because, with this type of tap, you will be able to use it without having any problems with corrosion and rust. Electroplating means that the kitchen tap has been coated with nickel and copper layers so that it won’t rust over time and can last an incredibly long time.

A tap electroplated with a black finish, such as black kitchen taps, also gives your kitchen a sleek and modern look. They don’t show stains, dirt, watermarks, or fingerprints like other types of kitchen taps do, and they are easy to clean. The modern electroplated kitchen taps are reliable and durable and come in various finishes, including antique bronze, black, chrome, and polished brass. If you want something that looks chic yet practical simultaneously, then take a closer look at these. You will not regret buying one!

2. Durable Materials

Start by looking for taps made from durable, easy-to-clean materials such as stainless or electroplated steel. You’ll be able to get the job done faster if you don’t have to spend time scrubbing away stubborn stains. A durable tap keeps your home safe by resisting wear and tear and preventing leaks. Plus, it’s easier on the environment because you won’t need to use so many harsh chemicals to keep them clean. However, it’s crucial to determine what finish will look best with your kitchen’s style.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

A modern kitchen tap should be able to handle many different types of tasks, so you need one that is flexible and adaptable. While it might not seem like much, the ability to turn the water on and off easily can make all the difference in convenience. You can consider easy-to-use knobs or even contactless activation with electronic faucets to get this type of functionality.

Your tap needs to provide a range of hot and cold water temperatures so you can access the best temperature for whatever task. Water pressure can also vary depending on what you are using your tap for, which means a good quality faucet will have some variety in pressure levels. Such a level of flexibility and adaptability makes life much easier!

4. Pop Up Waste and Overflow

A pop-up waste and overflow is something that not all kitchen taps come with. Pop-up waste takes a design that allows water to drain automatically back into the sink when you turn the tap off. You can also find pop-up waste and overflow on some toilet cisterns. The overflow feature allows water from an overflowing sink to flow out of the tap instead of spilling over onto your countertop or floor. The faucet should have two sets of holes. One set will let the water go through while the other prevents it. That way, no water spills out and soaks your work surface.

5. Integrated Water Filtration Systems

Integrated water filtration systems are one of the essential features of a modern kitchen tap. These systems can remove particles, chlorine, and other harmful substances from your drinking water, making it safer and healthier. Some fixtures also have antibacterial filters, which eliminate bacteria from the water. The filtration system also can retain beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium, which help maintain healthy bones and teeth. Filtered water is also cleaner than unfiltered water because these pollutants may interfere with the taste or odor of drinks like coffee or tea.


With a few premium features, you can ensure that your kitchen tap is functional and high quality. It takes more than just picking a fancy faucet to transform your kitchen look. With the right features, you’ll get more use and even improve the water flow. Upgrading your kitchen tap can significantly enhance your lifestyle and the overall look of your kitchen.

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