How To Reduce Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bill


Office carpets often wear out and get dirty a lot quicker than home carpets. There are people walking over them constantly, office chairs being slid across the carpet, and furniture being moved more frequently than at home. Here’s how to care for your office carpets and give them the TLC they deserve.

Place mats and rugs at office entrances

Muddy and wet feet walking through the office can cause carpets to become dirty and worn out. Placing welcome mats for people to wipe their feet on, and rugs just for extra safety, at office entrances can lessen the damage done by dirty shoes.

Have roller mats under office chairs

Office chairs are every carpet’s worst nightmare. People like to roll around on them, and in doing so, wear out the carpet beneath. Placing roller mats underneath office chairs is going to protect the carpet from extensive rolling, and stop the carpet from becoming worn in certain areas.

Clean the office carpets regularly

Dirt can damage carpet as well as make it look old and worn out, so regular professional carpet cleaning is a great way to keep office carpets in top shape.

A clean carpet is also going to give your office a more professional feel. Customers and staff alike will appreciate the cleanliness.

Vacuum regularly

As well as having office carpets regularly cleaned by a professional company, it’s important to vacuum at least once a week (preferably more). Dirt can damage carpet, and vacuuming┬áremoves dirt and stops it from being further trodden into the carpet.

Try not to drag furniture

Dragging furniture is the worst thing you can do when you have carpets. It can leave marks, stretch and tear the carpets. If office furniture needs to be moved, make sure you have enough people on hand to lift it to its new position, rather than dragging it.

Prevent spills

Food and drink spills cause carpets to become dirty before they’re due for a clean. The dirt caused by food and drink spills can ruin the appearance of office carpets, damage the carpet fibres and even create health risks.

Try preventing spills by asking customers not to eat or drink in the office, and ask staff to eat and drink in a designated area.

Use rugs in busy areas

Every office has areas that are busier than others. For example, in break rooms, conference rooms or hallways, people tend to gather in groups. And the more people standing on and walking over the carpet, the more damage is being done.

So in busy areas, try tactically placing rugs to stop the carpet from becoming worn out.

Final thoughts

Office carpets need to be looked after and properly maintained more than home carpets. Every day there are people walking all over them, wearing them down, for the whole working day.

But if you know how to care for your office carpets properly, you won’t have to worry about your office carpets looking withered and worn. With proper care, they’ll stay looking spick and span.

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