5 Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Outdoor Tables For Barbeque Summer Parties


Tables and chairs play a vital role during barbeque parties because they allow everyone to sit down and enjoy their meal. You can have several sets of tables and chairs so that all your guests will fit comfortably. At first sight, it may seem that choosing outdoor tables and chairs does not require much effort, but if you want to choose them with care, then you have to consider some essential aspects related to this type of furniture.

1.   Sturdy and Durable

The best outdoor tables for summer barbeque parties are both sturdy and durable. Because these two qualities don’t often come hand-in-hand, selecting the proper furniture set is essential.Sturdy tables should be heavy and made of durable material.

Heavyweight ensures that they won’t blow away during a particularly gusty spell, while durable materials hold up under the elements. Wood is an ideal choice because it is pretty weather-resistant and can last for many years to come. Another advantage of wood is its aesthetic appeal, especially when stained in a color that matches your outdoor decor.

2.   Comfortable and Easy To Maintain

Look for comfortable tables that are easy to keep clean. Hence, avoid anything made from synthetic materials such as plastic or rusty metal, which are difficult to maintain in good condition over time. However, KITHE company makes all their outdoor table frames from powder-coated steel to prevent rusting and the tabletop from spotted gum for durability. The best fit is custom made outdoor tables to meet all your needs.

3.   A Big Enough Size

As far as size goes, most people agree that it should be big enough for at least 6-8 people to sit around comfortably. However, you should also think about what kind of area you are looking to set up your tables in. You will need to think about how far apart they will be from each other. You will also need to consider how many people will be attending your parties. If it is a large number, you may need larger tables with more space around them to allow easy movement.

Outdoor tables are an essential part of every barbeque party, so you should choose well to ensure that everyone has a fun time. The tables should be spacious enough to fit all the food, drinks, and guests comfortably. A rectangular table is the best option as they allow more space for your guests to move around and sit next to each other. You may find round or octagonal tables, but they will not have as much room for everyone.

4.   Summer Weather Resistant Outdoor BBQ Table

You should choose a perfect outdoor table for BBQ that will remain in excellent condition even if left outdoors during harsh weather conditions. For example, the powder-coated steel table frames from KITHE are suitable for outdoor purposes since they are resistant to;

  • Heat
  • Flaking
  • Corrosion
  • Scratching
  • Wear and tear

These characteristics of powder-coated steel table frames help extend the life of your outdoor tables for summer barbeque parties.

5.   Outdoor BBQ Tables Should Match Your Backyard Settings

Quality wooden tables are long-lasting and offer you a classic look that will match most backyard settings. The outdoor ambiance is different from the indoor decoration. You can add the decorative touch by choosing the raw material of tables. Wooden top outdoor tables for summer barbeque parties are available in different designs and styles.

Most of these tables have a standard size and shape. You can use them for many outdoor activities such as family gatherings and backyard barbeque parties. These tabletop tables are also ideal for keeping your dining ware at an accessible place during the party.


When your summertime barbeque party guests gather around the outdoor tables you pick, they will be visiting your home while enjoying themselves. Therefore, if you want to provide them with an elegant place to sit and relax, choose the best outdoor tables for summer barbeque parties to give that feel. You can contact KITHE for quality and affordable outdoor tables for your barbeque summer parties.

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