4 Great Reasons Why Exposed Aggregate Surfaces Are The Best


In Australia, exposed aggregate concrete surfaces have become extremely popular due to its very unique decorative appearance. You will see it on driveways, walkways and patios all across Australia and every surface is truly unique, because once you take off the top layer, you really don’t know what kind of pattern or colours are going to be there. It looks completely different from anything you may have seen before, due to the different sizes and textures of the stones, pebbles and sand contained within it. Getting this unique surface put down, will not cost the bank, and so I will tell you about some of the benefits of choosing this pretty unique surface.

  1. It’s Unique – Every exposed aggregate job is completely different from any you have seen elsewhere. You can add different materials into the concrete mix, that will create designs and patterns, that are bright or quite subtle, depending on your tastes and preferences. Because of the different sizes of pebbles and stones, you can create a one time texture that nobody else will have, and depending on your choices or colours, you can make your aggregate surface match its surroundings. It really is a wonderful covering.
  1. It’s Durable – As well as looking fantastic, your pathway or driveway will be extremely strong and durable, due to the fact that it is made up of concrete and stone. This allows the surface to he hard and strong, and it can withstand most of what you throw at it. It handles adverse weather well and stands up to heavy rain, frost and snow, all the while keeping its good looks. It can also handle considerable weight, so if you want to park your car in your driveway all night, then that’s not a problem. It also hides the tyre marks within its many colours, keeping your drive looking great at all times.
  1. No Sinking – There are a number of exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne, and so deciding to install this type of surface on your walkway, drive or patio area is a great choice because of its sturdy construction. It is able to withstand heavy traffic coming and going all day, and it is constructed to insure that it doesn’t sink or sag. Because it is made up of concrete, stone, pebbles and sand, it makes the surface very good to walk or drive on. It is very slip-resistant and because of this, it is a great surface for kids and the older generation. Less chance of slipping means an even smaller chance of injury.
  1. Sleek And Stylish – Choosing to install this type of surface gives a very modern, stylish look to the outside of any home and it is sure to stand out, and catch the eye of everyone who looks at it. Due to its makeup, it provides a more natural looking surface to your walkway, drive or patio and it requires almost no maintenance. Some water here and there should be enough to clean up most things, and if there is a heavy stain, then a quick power wash and it’s gone.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a modern, cost effective way to create very unique surfaces around your home. Take a look at what’s on offer and experience the look, everyone is talking about.

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