Keep Your Home Looking Fresh with Luxury Décor


If you’re looking to extend the shelf life of your interior design at home, now is the time to introduce luxury décor. Luxury, timeless pieces travel well and are likely to last a long period of time, meaning your home never ages and looks fresh and new at all times.

House Plants

House plants are a beautiful way to add a pop of colour whilst achieving a lovely ambience about your home. There is something so relaxing and calming about a house plant, they really do create a wonderful feel inside your home. There is a real luxurious feel to a feature plant in a beautifully designed pot to complement your interior design. You can really achieve the perfect finishing touches with a house plant, and they simply never age in design.

Bathroom Remodel

Investing in a good bathroom remodel certainly pays off. Given how regularly we use a bathroom, this room of the house is very deserving of some TLC. By introducing a beautifully designed bathroom with luxury features and lighting you are really adding value to your home and your living space, whilst keeping your home looking fresh. Tones to complement your living space are neutral with a subtle pop of colour, perhaps gold and black paired with a marble flooring.

Neutral Tones

You can never tire of neutral tones throughout your home. Sticking to a neutral theme throughout your interior design avoids running into fast home design trends and the need to regularly update your interiors, particularly the larger, more expensive spaces such as a kitchen and bathroom. The benefit of having neutral hues throughout your kitchen and bathroom spaces means you can retain a sense of cleanliness, avoiding the space being too clinical but looking clear and appealing to use.

High-End Touches

High-end touches around the home can be introduced through any element from luxurious bedding and bath towels to beautifully branded hand soaps and hand moisturiser at the side of each sink. The attention you put into the detailing of your home really makes a difference. The minor finishing touches really count here. Another popular suggestion is creating a sleek, minimalist look throughout your home such as hiding all wires, replacing light switches and plugs with complementing designs, replacing old cabinet hardware, and refining your lighting in each room.

Toggle Switches

Image Credit: Buster & Punch | Toggle Switches

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishing can refine any home. When it comes to beautiful bedroom throws, scatter cushions for your sofa, and rugs for your flooring, now isn’t the time to cut corners. Really nourish your home with the perfect, luxurious soft furnishings and you’ll never look back. With luxury comes refined detailing and your home will never look more appealing and inviting to your guests. You’re certainly increasing the longevity of your home design, as well as furnishings by investing more in your selected pieces, keeping your home looking fresher for longer.

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