What Home Sellers Need To Do After A Home Inspection


Are you looking to sell your property? After home inspections Detroit Michigan, you might be on the receiving end of a renegotiated offer or even worse, a prospect declining any offers altogether. Now you’re stuck with the same property with no idea of what to do next.

This is why it’s always better to conduct a home inspection of your own before you start looking for potential buyers. Hiring a professional will let you filter out the issues with the house that you’re trying to sell. This will give you a headstart in fixing any issues that may arise.

Know When It’s Your Responsibility To Have Something Repaired

Cosmetic issues that don’t necessarily affect the livability of a home aren’t required to be repaired. The lines could get blurry so make sure that you talk to a specialist in identifying what these are. Some states don’t even require you to uncover these issues when selling.

If there’s anything that is legally required to be repaired before selling, list those down in order of projected time spent. Get started on repairs that are going to be the most time consuming because there may be certain changes that could fix smaller issues along the way.

Look For Companies That Provide Common Repairs

After a Detroit MI home inspection, you’ll definitely be tasked by the home inspector to conduct certain repairs. If the house was well maintained throughout the years, there won’t be many problematic areas. If there’s a company that the home inspector can refer, try to go with that because they’ll be able to work together for faster turnarounds.

Fixing the problems that have been identified through home inspection helps tremendously in preserving the property value especially if nobody other than you, the home inspector, and repair service company have been made aware of these damages.

Work Out the Condition of Repairs With the Buyer

If you already have a buyer who’s showing strong interest with your house, you might be able to convince them that the Home Inspection is “for information” only. As long as they contractually agree to this, you are absolved of the responsibility of making repairs.

For a buyer who might already have plans of making major changes such as structural overhauls, certain issues with a house might be non-factors in their decision to buy it. This is the case especially for houses located in highly sought after areas.

Find Out What Other Home Inspections Report

No two home inspections are the same. Some findings in your home inspections Detroit Michigan might not be on others. While this could be taken as a positive that your home inspector is thorough, this doesn’t always mean that what you’re reading will be found by other inspectors.

This is important to know because you might be making repairs that, ultimately, the buyers won’t request or don’t really care about. This costly endeavor won’t get you anything in return so you shouldn’t bother in the first place.

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