The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining An Air Conditioner


Maintaining your air conditioner is important to keep it running properly and keep your energy costs down. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly throughout the summer.

Condensate Drain

One of the most important reasons to regularly check and clean your air conditioner’s condensate drains is to help avoid any potential water damage. A clogged drain can cause water to back up and flood the floor, potentially causing expensive damage. Additionally, if the water isnot drained properly, it can cause the AC unit to stop cooling as a safety measure. Checking and cleaning your AC’s condensate drains regularly by yourself or by portland ac repair is an easy way to help keep your unit running smoothly and prevent costly damages.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is important because it helps to cool the air in your home. If the coil is dirty, it will not work well, and the air will not be cooled as efficiently. It can lead to higher energy bills and a less comfortable home.

To clean the evaporator coil, you will need to remove the coil from the air conditioner. You can do this by carefully removing the screws that hold it in place. Once the coil is removed, you can use a brush and cleaning solution to clean it. Be sure to rinse the coil thoroughly before putting it back in place.If the evaporator coil is very dirty, you may need to replace it.

Air Filter

The most important reason to change or clean your air filter is to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. A clogged air filter will limit the airflow moving to the handler and cause your system to strain and run inefficiently. Regularly changing or cleaning your air filter can keep your AC running at peak performance levels and extend its life. A clean air filter will help keep your home’s air quality best.

Additionally, it is time to change if the filter feels wet or slimy. It would be best if you never tried to clean and reuse an old air filter. It will not work, and it could potentially damage your HVAC system. Always replace the air filter with a new one when it is time for a change.


One of the most important reasons to clean your air conditioner’s fins is to improve airflow. When the fins are blocked or bent, it can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner and cause it to run longer than necessary. Cleaning the fins and straightening any bent or crushed ones can improve airflow and keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Removing all the dirt and debris that may have built up on your air conditioner is important to clean and maintain your air conditioner. The first step is to remove the outer covers of the air conditioner and use the brush attachment on a powerful shop vacuum to remove all the dirt. Next, use a garden hose to spray through the fins from the inside out, removing any dirt or debris. If the fins are particularly dirty, use a commercially available fin cleaning spray according to manufacturer directions. Finally, carefully straighten bent fins using a butter knife or commercially available fin-straightening tool, being gentle so that the tubing embedded within the fins is not damaged. If any fins are bent or crushed, realign them with gentle pressure from a dinner knife.

Now that you know how to maintain your air conditioner, it is important to put these tips into practice. Regular maintenance will help keep your AC running all summer smoothly long and save you money on energy costs. Have a great summer!

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