The Range Hood as a Kitchen Statement? Here’s How to Do It


You probably experienced the same frustration when you designed your kitchen–the range hood is just getting in the way of a great design concept. Of course, you can’t have a functional kitchen without it, so you’ve tried to live with the eyesore for a while now.

What used to be a boring but necessary fixture is now getting the attention it deserves with the statement range hood revolution in interior design. Here’s how you can rethink the range hood in your own kitchen.

Conceal It

A range hood is not the easiest thing to conceal in your kitchen, but it is possible with a little imagination. Designer Beata Heuman, for instance, was inspired to conceal a range hood using metal-clad pipes that she’d seen in her home country of Sweden.

She explained, “we’ve used casings that curve around hoods to create a clean, sculptural-looking line and explored using different materials, such as brass, that produce a wonderful patinated finish over time.”

But you can’t use just any material in concealing your range hood because you have to think about its functionality first. This is why it’s best to hire professional interior designers in Orlando to help you think of a way to conceal your range hood in which the casing blends in with the rest of your kitchen interiors.

Flaunt It

When it comes to working with appliances in a kitchen, you have two directions to take: conceal it or flaunt it. If you want to go the more daring approach, then you can take some ideas from the home of Hem founder Petrus Palmer, who chose to make his range hood the centerpiece of his kitchen.

He commissioned artist Jon Buck to turn his range hood into a cloud-like creation that can easily catch the attention of anyone visiting his kitchen.

There’s no limit to your imagination if you want to make a statement, as long as you think about the rest of your kitchen’s existing style. Of course, you also need to consider your space.

If you have high ceilings, you can go large with your range hood. But if you’re working with a small space, you need to think about practicality to make sure that your design doesn’t take over your entire kitchen.

Are You Ready to Join the Trend?

Having a range hood that fits in with the rest of your interiors will definitely give your kitchen the lift it deserves.

Interior designer Rodman Primack has this advice for those who want to join the revolution: “I don’t think you should just make a crazy hood to be the centerpiece of the kitchen. But spending a little extra time and thought on a detail like a hood can make a small kitchen feel cleaner and more pleasant, and a big kitchen can be made more intimate.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about form and function when it comes to embracing this trend in your own space, it may help to discuss with your local aluminium suppliers Melbourne for some extra guidance – depending on your range hood’s material.

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