The Many Concerns of Real Estate Development


Real estate development is a very huge undertaking. The sheer size of the project alone is enough to keep any developer and his/her crew occupied for months on end. Of course, what they come up with is a project that would definitely be the pride of its residents and their friends.

Now, before a real estate project is realized, it’s important to realize what are the concerns that cross every real estate developer’s mind as the firm works to create the ideal project.

Equally Subdividing the Lots

One project is already big enough to warrant a lot of work for numerous months. As such, a developer can spend more than a month plotting the project on a map and coming up with an allocation plan for the individual units that would occupy each space.

These would take into consideration numerous factors, not just the size of the project but also the terrain. In addition to subdividing the land into individual plots of property, developers also have to plan where the main and access roads will be.

Once this plan is finalized, it would then be time to put those subdivision schemes into motion. For that, the developer employs a team of surveyors lead by a geodetic engineer. This team is responsible for physically determining the borders of each individual property, and setting the tangible boundaries.

This task would take a few more months to be completed. After that, construction the begins.

Looking for Contractors

With the huge scope of the project, real estate developers will need the help of one, or even more than one, contractor in order to undertake the construction of the project.

This process can take a couple of months perhaps, and the time will be spent negotiating with potential contractors and discussing the plans for the project. More often than not, there will be a bidding to determine which proposal from various contractors would be more advantageous to the parties involved.

Alright, now, once this step is done, it’s now on to the most important part of the project – constructing the houses and developing the land according to the plans that have been drawn up. This then brings us to one crucial concern that is most often overlooked but is actually very important.

Undertaking a Tree Survey

Tree survey is important because it will help you decide what to do with the trees that come along with the plot of land where the project is going to be constructed.

With these surveys, a developer can survey which areas of the project have trees that need to be uprooted and replanted somewhere, and which trees can be retained as part of the aesthetic value of the project.

Tree surveys can only be done by qualified professionals. The information that is to be gathered in such a survey is very specialized and can only be understood in its raw form by experts in trees. These experts will then collate this information and present it to the developers in a comprehensible format, so that they can make informed decisions on what to do with the trees in the property.

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