Six Things to Do Before You Call a Real Estate Agent


If you are planning to hire a real Estate Agent, you should be ready to part with some finances because he or she has to be paid in the end. You should also be ready to let your house be seen over some weeks.  Finances and the shape of your home are conditions that will affect your time. It may take longer than you expected. The picture that you display in the real estate market for the first time shall determine your success in your sales. Outlined below are steps that you should consider before choosing your agent.

  1. Get Pre-Approved For The Mortgage

You should first know the mortgage options that are at your disposal before looking for a real estate agent. There are conditions that will affect your mortgage affordability. These conditions affect the interest rates, term and price and shall determine the home that you can pay for.

  1. Study the Market

Study the market in order to know the price of homes that are similar to yours if you are a seller. For a buyer, the mortgage that is pre-approved shall determine the range of prices that your home falls in. If you do the search in the internet, you will see the marked prices of houses. A real estate agent knows the market and the period of time that the homes have been in the market, price deductions and closing prices.

  1. De-Clutter

‘Trading Spaces’ has episodes that we can learn from in order to stage our homes. It is important to impress the real estate agent. Preparing your home for exhibition before bringing in an agent helps the agent to know the worth of your house.  He or she will therefore market the house with confidence. Below are a few tips you should employ while preparing a house for exhibition.

  • Store any extra shoes and coats in packages and put them away. If not , you shall be mistaken for not having a close or area of storage.
  • You should put away any personal utilities like family pictures because buyers want to see themselves in that house even in their dreams and imaginations. If not, personal effects shall scare them away.
  • As for your fridge, remove any stickers, postcards and receipts. If not it shall create a bad image of your home.
  • Any extra furniture should be put out of the house. The bigger the space, the larger the house feels. Spaces let people to imagine how they will fill up that space.
  1. Clean

Clean every corner of your house. It plays a great part in terms of selling it.  Toilets should be cleaned. A clean home indicates that the home was well maintained and is also a source of pride to the owner. The outward appearance should indicate that the inside is also clean. Shoddy housekeeping put off investigative homebuyers.

An expert agent experience in a real estate industry is well connected, and this means he will assist you to display your home and even find you new home. Hire a competent person because an agent takes 7% of the whole closing price. A competent person does exemplary work.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, prioritize on homework and preparation first if you are planning to buy or sell a house. It is also optional to please your agent by making your house appealing. You should learn that, the most professional real estate agents might not help you unless you give them an offer. Play your cards well and your house will be on demand if you employ the above steps.


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